The dog trainer Marcos Herrero will agree to the arrest at the house of one of Viviana Luna’s children

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Mauricio Cardello, Marcos Herrero’s defense attorney.

However, the magistrate allowed the arrest is in house mode with a particular detail. Being a native of Río Negro, the dog trainer has no family in Mendoza to take over his guardianship. Who will be responsible is Matías Luna, one of the children of the woman who was last seen in Potrerillos.

The authorities were struck by this fact since the prosecutor Gustavo Pirrello maintains that Marcos Herrero defrauded Viviana Luna’s family by charging them $ 150,000 to carry out a rake where he ended up planting false evidence. In clear words: the victim will take charge of the perpetrator of the fraud.

Before all this happens, it must be confirmed if the application of a GPS device is viable in that address to prevent the suspect from escaping and also the dog trainer must pay a personal bond of $ 150 thousand.

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The children of the missing Viviana Luna.

The children of the missing Viviana Luna.

Bogus tests

On September 29, Marcos Herrero arrived in Mendoza to look for Viviana Luna, a woman who has been missing since 2016 in the Potrerillos area. The man was hired privately by the victim’s children since the Prosecutor’s Office did not accept him as an official expert because It is not endorsed by the Ministry of National Security.

Herrero appeared at an abandoned hotel in Potrerillos that had already been inspected by the local Justice and In less than half an hour, he found parts of a skull and a jawbone and a note in a hotel that made reference to Viviana Luna, to a human trafficking network.

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The day of the rake where evidence was planted.

The day of the rake where evidence was planted.

Photo: Gerardo Tejeda

Suspicion about the actions of the private expert began to grow when The Genetic Footprints Laboratory determined that the skull and jaw found in Potrerillos belonged to a male. That same Tuesday, the prosecutor Pirrello contacted personnel of a court located in Río Gallegos, where the disappearance of Marcela López is investigated (61). In that case, Marcos Herrero found skeletal remains with characteristics very similar to what happened in Mendoza: they were also burned, they were also parts of a skull and a jawbone and did not belong to the woman sought. Finally, an expertise determined that they belonged to the same corpse.

Marcos Herrero was arrested on December 3 at his home in Viedma, Río Negro. A neighbor stated that during the raid he threw a bag down the dividing wall that also had several skeletal remains. On the other hand, in a video of the raking in Potrerillos It was observed that the dog handler had a bulge in his vest that later disappeared, so it is suspected that there he hid the evidence that he later said he found.

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