The discussion between neighbors that went viral and generated a debate on the networks: Who is right?

In the social networks people often perform catharsis on different situations. This time, a tiktoker said that she had an argument with her neighbor about the territory of the properties, which led them to carry out various actions that only increased the dispute. “When your fussy, territorial neighbors start cutting up your land”, said the protagonist of the video.

Fights between neighbors is something that happens regularly. This may be due to different factors, but more and more people choose to publish those disputes with their virtual followers. In some cases it is to find a solution, although they also pretend to be right on the subject.

On this occasion, a user of TikTok Cinthya Hernández (@_. Cinthyaaah) published a clip where she showed the level of the fight she had with her neighbor over a garden that is located in front of the two properties in the United States.

The woman said that she had cut the grass in her part of the garden. However, after a few hours he realized that this their neighbors had not liked it and that is why they had cut the grass and took the opportunity to delimit again the property. In fact, during the video you can see a comment from him: “When your fussy, territorial neighbors start cutting up your land”.

In the images of the viral video of TikTok you can see the garden divided in two. The tiktoker explained that her original decision was that in that division of the lawn that she had made, it can serve as a kind of drain so that it benefits both parties. Since as the woman commented in the description of the clip, “I chose to lead the life of meanness”,

However, she acknowledged that her plan was not communicated to the people in the neighboring house. It’s because when they saw the cut in the grass, they chose to “move” it in order to gain more ground and expand their entry, according to the British Mirror.

In a second publication, the woman showed that after her neighbors did this, they used different objects and equipped themselves to be able to re-delimit the division between properties to find a solution where no one can take advantage. “The only reason I fixed it was because they are territorial and will make a noise in the neighborhood if anything happens or falls on their part.”, Cinthya sentenced in the recording.

In this way, the TikTok user measured how much space there was between the two houses. Once you got the exact measurements, she took 1.5 meters from the wall of her house and did the same to her neighbor’s house. The part that was in the middle was left as a kind of neutral zone. In fact, he preferred that the division not even be touched so as not to have new discussions.

The clip quickly went viral on social media. Currently on TikTok he has more than 1.4 million views, more than 55 thousand ‘Likes‘and hundreds of user comments that agree with him and support his final decision. While there are others who differ and recognize that they would have solved the problem in another way.

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