The desperate government plan that puts businessmen on alert

The national government is preparing one of the measures that could have the greatest impact on the pockets of citizens in the coming months. As it transpired, the new Secretary of Internal Commerce, Roberto Feletti, proposed an agreement with supermarkets and manufacturers that seeks freeze the price of hundreds of products until January 7.

The administration of Alberto Fernandez desperately trying to turn around the bad results of the PASO, and took note of the problems that worry the most during this second half of the year. The inflation tops the list, and that is why prices will be sought to stop rising in supermarkets.

As anticipated, the measure would cover 900 products of the areas of food, hygiene and cleaning. In addition, it was already requested in a meeting that prices be rolled back to October 1.

The meeting in which the idea was presented was attended by representatives of around 30 Business of the affected sectors, such as Arcor, Molinos and La Serenísima. The meetings are expected to be repeated over the next few days, and exactly what prices will be frozen in this new agreement will be discussed.

Feletti has a clear plan for its management.

From Internal Commerce they highlighted that “Above It has as a priority to stop the upward trends in the prices of mass consumer products. “This is part of the new plan of the ruling party to reverse the electoral beating suffered during the legislative primaries. The result, which left Alberto Fernandez In a precarious political situation, they began to think of new measures to put “little money” in people’s pockets.

Work is also being done on an expansion of the list of products included in the Care Prices program. The purpose is to stop the increase in the Basic Basket, which continues to put pressure on workers’ incomes.


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