the desertion of the players continues, and pushes Steam to react

Battlefield 2042 continues to lose players, while Steam has agreed to reimburse some malcontents, in defiance of its usual rules.

After the enormous expectation it aroused, Battlefield 2042 couldn’t avoid the lightning strike from disgruntled players faced with a poorly optimized title full of bugs. If the ambition of DICE is not to be faulted (as reflected in our test of the game), it is clear that the scale of the project was exceeded by its difficult production.

And although the Electronic Arts studio does regular patches, the 100% multiplayer FPS is failing resoundingly. If we have already mentioned how Halo Infinite took advantage of this bad buzz, however Battlefield 2042 continues to be deserted, even though the title had rather enthusiastic sales during its first weeks.

Dezincing as a rule

DICE cannot take this lightly, given that the game is already excessively discounted at some retailers (especially in the US) and that the monetary value of the experience lies mainly in the DLCs that the developer hopes to re-sell over the course of the year. time.

As a reminder, Battlefield 2042 got off to a pretty good start on Steam, with almost 100,000 simultaneous connections to the game when it was released. Since then, the statistics curve of the PC platform has continued to drop, to the point where Battlefield V, the previous installment of the saga, exceeded the number of simultaneous players of 2042. In recent days, the futuristic FPS has fallen even lower, in no longer exceeding the 10,000 player mark.

Battlefield 2042 : photoSee you soon!

Results, Battlefield 1, the opus released in 2016 even managed to briefly surpass its little brother during the day of Wednesday, January 12, while needing only 7,356 simultaneous connections. It is nevertheless good to specify that Steam is the only platform to provide access to this information. We therefore do not know precisely how Battlefield 2042 is doing on Origin or console, even if the numbers must be too gloomy.

But the worst part about it is that this sign of discontent caused Steam to react. Indeed, Valve’s platform launched a wave of refunds of the game, even if it means tweaking its own regulations in this area. Usually, in order to avoid abuse, Steam allows a refund of a title within fourteen days of its purchase, and if it has been played for less than two hours by the account concerned. As many testimonies affirm, these prerogatives are not taken into account in the case of Battlefield 2042, which seems to underline his catastrophic condition.

Battlefield 2042 : photoNot sure that Portal mode can take off …

Moreover, if the launch of DICE’s FPS has already been compared to that of Cyberpunk 2077 (including in our columns), we see a similar situation here, since Sony had for a time removed CD Projekt’s sci-fi RPG from the PS Store. Faced with the lack of polish of many AAAs in recent years, it is quite fascinating to see the sales platforms come to take drastic measures not to offend their users.

While these launchers and other manufacturers’ platforms must a priori represent a qualitative leap, there is no doubt that such practices should become popular. It remains to be seen whether this decision will be the last nail in the coffin of Battlefield 2042, or whether the game can still hope for some form of redemption.

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