The deportation of Djokovic temporarily suspended, the Serb placed in detention on Saturday before the hearing scheduled for Sunday: relive our live

What you must remember :

– The Minister of Immigration has decided to assert his right to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa. Judge Anthony Kelly therefore called an investigative hearing to hear lawyers for both parties.

– As expected, Djokovic’s lawyers contested the cancellation of his visa on grounds deemed irrational.

– The Australian government through its lawyers has pledged not to expel the Serbian until the final decision has been rendered.

– Djokovic was not taken into custody on Friday. He must report to the immigration services this Saturday morning in Melbourne, where he will be heard before being detained until the end of the procedure. The world number one will have the right to consult his lawyers throughout the procedure to prepare for the hearing scheduled for Sunday.

– It is the Federal Court which will decide the fate of Djokovic as a last resort. It will meet on Sunday morning at 10 a.m. in Melbourne (midnight in Belgium)

Relive our live

– 13:25: Novak Djokovic will be questioned and detained in an undisclosed place. The judge added to the order the phrase “any other location agreed to by the parties” to indicate the exact location where he will be questioned and detained until the final hearing.

– 13:20: If he has the right to play, Djokovic will enter the running on Monday announced the Australian Open. Knowing that the case should not be judged before Sunday, this will leave him only a maximum of 24 hours to prepare for his meeting against his compatriot Kecmanovic.

– 1:10 p.m .: The hearing is again suspended. Uk is over one in the morning in Australia.

– 12.55 p.m .: The hearing resumed. Judge Anthony Kelly called on Djokovic’s lawyers to file a formal request against the visa cancellation as soon as possible, at the same time asking the immigration minister’s lawyers to pledge not to deport the Serbian before ‘a final decision is made.

– 12:15 p.m .: The hearing is temporarily suspended by Judge Anthony Kelly. The latter considers that it should be clarified if “Djokovic had a medical exemption, if he had already sent his travel declaration to Australia and if he had been authorized to enter the country.”

On the other hand, he believes that the argument of the Minister of Immigration, stipulating that the pandemic has had a serious impact in the world and including in Australia, should not intervene in this case.

– 12:05 p.m .: This Saturday, Novak Djokovic will have to report to the immigration office. According to several sources, he should return to detention again, probably again at the Park Hotel where he had already been held for several days. It is during this Sunday’s hearing that the Serbian will know if he can participate in the Australian Open or if he is expelled.

– 11:50: The Australian government, through the lawyer representing the Minister of Immigration, took the floor in turn. He explained that Alex Hawke is ready to make a commitment not to kick Djokovic out until the final decision has been made. He wants the Serb to report to immigration tomorrow and has said that whatever happens he will be able to access his lawyers. Which means the world number one won’t be kicked out immediately. This confirms the statements of Djokovic’s lawyer, who stated that his client had not been deprived of his liberty.

– 11:45 am: “The cancellation of Novak Djokovic’s visa was guided by a strong anti-tax sentiment,” said his lawyer Nicholas Wood. He affirms that the Minister of Immigration did not take into account the medical file of his client: “Djokovic is a person with medical contraindications to vaccination”.

He then went on to explain that, for him, Djokovic represents “a negligible risk for others”.

– 11:40 am: In parallel with the hearing still in progress, Andy Murray reacted in press conference after his qualification for the final of the tournament of Sydney: “I am not going to sit down and roll him more in the mud while he is already on the ground. I said it the other day, this situation is not pleasant to anyone. “

– 11:25 am: Djokovic’s lawyer requests a precautionary measure against his expulsion. The aim is to block the expulsion of the Serbian from Australian territory by once again canceling the visa cancellation. His lawyer explains that he can file a formal request before 10:15 p.m. (Australian time, or 12:15 p.m. in Belgium) stressing that time is “precious” in this “extraordinary situation”, because the Australian Open begins this Monday.

In addition, Djokovic’s lawyer criticized the very late decision taken by the immigration minister at 6 p.m. in Melbourne.

– 11:10 am: The floor has been given to representatives of Novak Djokovic. The latter’s lawyer confirmed that he had not been deprived of his liberty so far. “They do not intend to arrest my client again this evening,” he explained.

– 11:08 am: Anthony Kelly talks about an interim order that would delay his deportation. It would be a brief provisional order until this Saturday 4 p.m. Especially since Djokovic was summoned to an interview this Saturday at the immigration office.

– 10:45 am: The hearing begins with a reminder of the procedure and in particular the first hearing on Monday by judge Anthony Kelly.

– 10:30 am: An Australian judge will hold an emergency hearing on Djokovic on Friday, Australian federal judicial authorities announced a few hours later the announcement of the cancellation of the Serbian player’s visa. The hearing led by federal judge Anthony Kelly, who had already overturned the first cancellation of Djokovic’s visa, is scheduled for 8:45 p.m. local (10:45 a.m. Belgian time).

The world’s No. 1 visa was canceled again on Friday by Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke. The minister explained that he had used his discretionary ministerial powers to personally decide to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa, “on health grounds and in the public interest” after the world number 1 won his case in a court of law in beginning of the week rejecting a first cancellation.

De facto, Novak Djokovic now finds himself in an illegal situation on Australian soil and must therefore be, according to the procedure, returned to a detention center, before deportation, pending the decision of the federal judge on Friday.

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