The Deliberative Council of Salvador Mazza would advance with a request for impeachment of Méndez

The mayor of Salvador Mazza, Rubén Méndez, made headlines for a series of raids that sand carried out in his home for a cause that is investigating him for illicit enrichment. In the last hours, the president of the Deliberative Council of Salvador Mazza, explained the political origin of the mayor and commented on how they will proceed from the body after learning that he was charged with his family.

As reported FMAries, Marisa Valdiviezo, president of the Deliberative Council of the municipality that leads Rubén Méndez, commented that he came to power from the hand of Kirchnerism. But, over the years the head of the commune knew how to align himself with the different provincial governments.

“The Mayor does not respond to the needs of the population; does not respond to a transparent government and it has no respect for the democratic standard of living ”, assured Valdiviezo.

In addition, for the mayor, the mayor decided to “put aside” the Deliberative Council and establish a totally personalist government. The official added that the mayor does not respond to requests for a report and that he returned some incomplete requests.

Finally, Valdiviezo argued that from the legislative body of the municipality they will advance with a request for impeachment against the mayor since, “it does not comply with the Organic Charter that he himself has signed and accompanied.”

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