The decision of Roberto Palazuelos against Luis Miguel, after his unfortunate appearance in his series

Luis Miguel, the series ”is a bio series broadcast by Netflix that is breaking the virtual box office. The only ones who have been satisfied with the series are the fans, because those represented in the series have port their cries in the sky.

There are some who expressly asked not to be named, others who were portrayed as liars, climbers or simply gossipers. The upheavals have earned “Luismi”Legal claims, requests for clarification, disclaimers, TV appearances and strong statements.

In fact, the own Luis Miguel He posted on his Twitter “The Netflix Series is Fiction. It is not 100% true. Based on Real Facts ”. But without a doubt this message did not leave anyone alone. They continue to appear offended all over the world, and the Sun of Mexico has not rested.

“I was doing a series in Spain, called Entre Viruses, I had been filming there for a month. Suddenly, one morning a stream began to reach me [muchos insultos] ‘fucking gossip’; ‘fucking snout’. Supposedly, in the series they say that we are going to Yuri’s wedding, that I did not go, where supposedly, I see the Negro [Alejandro González Iñárritu] with Mariana [Yazbek], El Sol’s girlfriend at the time]. So, I go and tell Micky ‘hey El Negro is throwing the wave at Mariana again’; because they had been dating before “he declared Roberto Palazuelos that integrates the select club of the offended.

Roberto Palazuelos decided not to initiate legal action. Nor do I air other aspects of the actor’s life as if his ex-partner did. He took it differently and sowing doubt, said: “But one thing I do tell you, in our show [Perdiendo el Juicio]. We just left a gift for Micky in the last chapter. With love, “he warned.” Revenge is a dish that should always be eaten cold. “The actor took it simple, quiet and did so … Just like that … Is it the hook for us to go see his work? Or did he really leave revenge on Luismi?


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