The day the Powerpuff Girls paid homage to the Beatles

If we think of one of the most emblematic children’s series of Cartoon Network, no doubts, Super girls, they must be there. Originally created by the prestigious studio Hanna-barbera In 1998, the show aired from the late 90s to the mid-2000s not just in episodes (where they dedicated an episode to the Beatles, for example) also had movies.

The story revolves around three girls with powers whose mission was to save the inhabitants of the city of Saltadilla from the most evil villains. Its success is such on Cartoon Network that after years the channel decides to relaunch the series with new versions. Thus, they ensured that the phenomenon of these girls would last for generations. A gem of children’s television like this has some truly amazing chapters.

Perhaps, in this sense, the main thing is for the creators and screenwriters, who with ingenuity have been able to mix different themes within a television program for boys and girls. In fact, they had the luxury of honoring different popular culture characters in several of the episodes. And the memorable rock band was among them.

Yes! In case you don’t remember Super girls have a chapter in which they refer to the famous rock band from Liverpool. This is episode 12 of the third season. The fabulous four, in this case, they are represented by the most famous villains of the gang: Mojo Jojo, princess, him and hairy.

In this episode, the 4 villains discover the power they have together. It is that separately they cannot destroy or Chocolate, Bubble or Acorn. However, the day they accept that together they have the strengths to defeat them, they form their own group of villains. This is where creators make the connection with loved ones Beatles that changed the history of music.

At Super girls the Blitos, imitating the name of the British group. In this event, the villains recreate several well-known scenes from The Beatles, album covers (they appear Please Please Me, with The Beatles and Abbey Road) and they even take the time to “talk” about the relationship of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who are represented here by Mojo and a very mysterious chimpanzee named by chance Moko Jono. Not only is his name almost the same, but he also wore white clothes like Yoko at that time.

There has always been the theory that Yoko was the one who caused the breakup of The Beatles and the cause of the breakdown of the most powerful creative association of all time, namely that of her partner, John and Paul Mccartney. Of course, this has never been validated by its own members. But in the series, they cross a similar divide.

The Blitos, Little by little, they separate, since the Chimpanzee falls so much in love with Mojo that he prefers to follow in his footsteps. But it ends up being a very clever ruse by the Girls, who ultimately manage to part ways with the villainous gang and triumph again. The closure is epic as they make their own rooftop concert.

This was the last presentation of The Beatles as a group in 1969. When the 4 members of the group went to this terrace in London and sang several of their songs, among which, Do not let me down, monopolized the attention of neighbors and workers of the place. Thus, they were immortalized forever. Have you seen this chapter before?

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