The day that Diego Maradona fulfilled the dream of a Mendoza

If there is something in common all Maradona stories is that each of them highlights their memory. The man who approached him had played with him in the lower Argentinos Juniors. Diego listened to him and within minutes they spoke like the old acquaintances that they were. There the man told him that he knew a boy, a very fan of him, that he only knew how to talk about Maradona and football and that he dreamed of meeting him.

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Diego Maradona, the night Gonzalo’s dream came true in Mendoza

The simplest option would have been for Maradona to tell him to go to the hotel. Or refuse to even meet him. But Maradona wanted something else. He wanted to go meet him at the boy’s house in the Alimentation neighborhood of Guaymallén. The problem was how to get there without being followed by journalists.

Maradona’s plan

Diego Maradona’s entire plan was aimed at meeting Gonzalo López. Fate would have Gonzalo turn 14 in those days. If Maradona went to his house in Mendoza, it was the perfect gift.

That January afternoon, Maradona got into the back seat of the Torino of a relative of Gonzalo. The collaborator left almost at the same time in Diego’s truck. The distraction worked perfect. A few blocks later, Maradona went to his vehicle.

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A few hours earlier, Gonzalo’s mother had answered a call from Maradona himself. There Diego told him that he wanted to go home. She got nervous: “I told him that it would be an honor for us to receive him in our house, but that we did not have many comforts, our home was simple and he was used to other types of luxuries,” the woman told TN. Maradona replied that he still wanted to go and was responsible for choosing the menu: goat. The family immediately went out to find one. It’s not every day D10S visits you.

“I was in the kitchen, preparing things to serve dinner and when I heard him I went quickly to the patio. When I saw him I almost died; he hugged me and gave me a bouquet of roses that he had brought me. words what I felt, I believed that my heart was going to leave my chest. He radiated something that pierced you“said the woman.

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This is how Diego Maradona arrived at the house in Guaymallén, Mendoza

This is how Diego Maradona arrived at the house in Guaymallén, Mendoza

Dinner was between the family and Maradona. It was the other order he had made on the 10. As soon as it arrived, he approached the grill and asked if he could eat the leg with his hand. Then he threw out a phrase that indicated that being Maradona was not easy at all: “I want to be a normal human being because no one here is going to be taking pictures of me.”

During much of the night Maradona told the families some of his anecdotes and asked them to only take as an example what he did on the field, for the rest of his life, to take the father of the family as an example: ” I was stupid and did not follow the example of my father, who was the best man in the world, “he alleged that night.

But that night was not only Maradona’s. At the same table was his admirer: Gonzalo.

“I didn’t eat and hardly even moved. What I remember the most is that photo in my room that I have on my cell phone and I take it everywhere. When the night was over and Diego was about to go He told us that he wanted to take one photo with us. We went to my room where I had posters of him. From the emotion I hugged him so hard that I threw him on the bed and he broke. The bed was 8 years with a brick in one of its legs because I did not want anyone fixed it, it had become a museum piece, “he explained to the portal and added that he also still has the padding that was on the bed.

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