The data that will complicate Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s plans for November

The message that came out of Kirchnerism was clear after the legislative STEP: “You have to put little money in people’s pockets.” The announcements that came from national and provincial governments already showed that everything possible is being done to comply with the slogan. But there is a fact that already generates concern and that could be a stick in the wheel for the aspirations of the vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

The bad news came from the mouth of the brand new Secretary of Internal Commerce, Roberto Feletti. The official gave details on how the price freeze that the Government announced yesterday, but also gave a data that augurs a gloomy future for the “silver plan”.

“Wherever I see a price outside the agreement, I will go and tell him, ‘Sir, lower that price,'” Feletti said on El Uncover Radio. Thus, he has already announced harsh controls on the 1,250 prices that will remain unchanged until the beginning of 2022.

Feletti will control that prices remain frozen.

But during the talk about prices, a piece of information was slipped that marks a stone in the shoe of Kirchnerism for the elections of November. “The inflation September seems to be above 3 percent, “admitted Feletti. And he also gave a gloomy preview of what is to come.” What I saw in October is not good either, that’s why we bring the prices back to October 1, “he admitted .

The Kirchner wing of the Government issued a harsh ultimatum against Alberto Fernández and his front-line officials. After Cristina Fernández de Kirchner accusing the Minister of Economy -Martín Guzmán- of applying an adjustment during an electoral year, the pressure to increase spending and generate consumption began. An increase in inflation it would directly attack these claims.

Feletti also assured that he is not worried about the dissatisfaction of the companies affected by the freeze. “Now at this time it is essential to stop the ball and ensure a quarter of full consumption,” said the secretary.


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