The dangerous National and Popular provocation

If there is something that ceased to exist as a category or social space in the Western world, it is the political parties. Today, luckily, we citizens elect candidates that best represent our moment and values ​​at the moment of voting and the elements that lead to that election are varied. But the one that has less weight is the political party. An example of this is that anyone uses the slogans of the other from yesteryear -or a little more modern- and nothing happens. It shouldn’t happen. The ideologies they have been swept away by reality.

As I write these lines, there are two new facts (others appear every day since the new government began) that are really direct provocations to Argentines, to their intelligence, to their heroic daily effort to survive, to their personal and family peace. I mean the words of Alberto Fernandez in relation to the inflation of the year 2021 (50.9%) and the trip abroad of a national director official of the PAMI.

In reference to Alberto Fernandez, generates doubt if his sayings “we hope that this downward path is sustained” are the product of the stupidity or from pride already blind and inhuman that it deploys daily. Or maybe a mixture of both products. It is inadmissible that this analysis be made by someone who should direct the destinies of our country. A few meters from the place where he spoke, the real reality begins that the cold numbers indicate as 50% of poverty and indigence and on the rise, extended throughout the country, which I think he does not know. What path are you talking about? What effort are you referring to?

To this same president, while provoking us with that idiotic phrase, one of those responsible for the attack on the AMIA. That path, no longer so hidden, is the one that has decided to follow, support, that is, ally with governments full of murderers and systematic violators of every human right that exists.

That yes, if a person from that other Argentina (the one who does not see or is interested) steals a bicycle, there falls all the media and judicial show to condemn him and society “understands” that the law cannot be violated, unless it is someone with power (and here there is no distinction of political color) where legal formulas will appear to avoid punishment.

The other fact, the trip to the Caribbean of Volnovich. Personally, which is irrelevant, I think that whoever can, can travel wherever they please. Now if I’mmilitating” a so-called government plan that tells me to say “you shouldn’t eat cheese” and when I have recess I walk around with a cheese sandwich in front of everyone -even those who don’t even have a piece of bread to eat- the least I should think which is another provocation, full of pride e impunity. All this is happening while Argentina is falling apart and the worst and most outrageous thing is that nothing is going to happen.

The slogan is, this is a “national and popular government.” The tulips. What is already a painful national and popular phenomenon is poverty, children in a state of malnutrition with irreversible damage, retail drug dealing as a way of life in the hardest hit sectors, tax pressure (or rather extortion) on companies of any size to stop creating jobs and wealth, higher inflation by 2022 and many real examples of decline.

inside what they call Justicialist Party, complicit silence or fear. Any version is objectionable. What are they waiting for those who think differently to break with all this and unite with leaders from other sectors and offer a true project for the country, even when it involves a period of sacrifice but towards a better horizon?

So far, what we can see is what the journalist Ernesto Tenembaum He pointed out in a journalistic note that “the great Argentine consensus is that the other person is to blame. They have lived on that idea. It has gone well for them, although not so much for the country. That idea is a big business for many people.” It is time to reject these daily provocations and really get down to work on a country project.

And at least for a few years, until poverty and inflation are an anecdote in our beloved country, stop saying national and popular.

For Alexander Cazaban, Lawyer.

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