the cursed movie that broke marilyn monroe

Released in 1961, The Misfits left behind a cursed myth, linked to its creation, its grueling filming and the tragic fall that will rock Marilyn Monroe.

A cinematographic tale full of disappointments, John Huston’s film marks the end of the golden age of Hollywood. It is often said of Axes that a bad spell has been cast on him, so many a thousand and one circumstances have made his production almost unsustainable. Marilyn Monroe will have experienced the creation of this film as a real nightmare, despite the dramatic opportunity it offered her.

Despite the hope placed in this film, it will leave behind a dark mark.

Poisoned gift with dark reflections

Spring 1956. In the middle of Nevada, in the city of Reno, known for its casinos and quick divorces, the New York playwright Arthur Miller, famous for having written The Witches of Salem, is in the process of creating a new one: The Misfits. His writing is inspired by the surrounding atmosphere, nourished by the disillusion that surrounds the Nevada desert. That of the criminals and vagabonds who find refuge there.

In parallel, at this same time, the writer, married, saw an affair with Marilyn Monroe, who turned the world upside down with her dreamy figure and her legendary pout, in films such as Seven years of reflection or Men prefer blondes. After several months of waiting for his divorce to be finalized, Arthur Miller marries the actress. This marriage will arouse a lot of curiosity, the press considering that this union is quite improbable, headlining many times with shock phrases such as “The sex symbol marries the intellectual”.

The Misfits: photo, Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe wanted to play dramatic texts and leave the image of the stupid blonde behind

A year later, while pregnant, Marilyn Monroe was rushed to hospital where her pregnancy had to be terminated due to complications. very affected, the actress receives a present from her husband. Miller decides to make his short story a screenplay for the cinema and to give the title role of this future film to his wife. This gift, she will not hesitate for a second to cherish it, being tired of the roles of ravishing scatterbrain that 20th Century Fox does not stop offering her.

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