“The Covid hit him hard”: They criticize Profepa’s bighorn sheep with memes

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) unleashed criticism and memes after sharing an image with data from the bighorn sheep, since they consider that your illustration is not of very good quality.

The government agency shared an image and data of the bighorn sheep on its social networks; however, it was the illustration that did not sit well with users.

They mentioned that it was made by “a 12-year-old boy” or that being a government agency they should have a budget for a better graphic editor.

Given this, many applied to compete for the position and shared their creations so that Profepa turned to see them and thus there are better illustrations of the biodiversity that exists in Mexico, since they say it is not the only time this has happened. Meanwhile, there were others who decided better to share memes.

Here we leave you with the best responses from users to the Profepa bighorn sheep:


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