The Court of Misdemeanors initiated an investigation file against the former judge Gramajo

It is about the elected councilor, Soledad Gramajo, who was filmed while driving in an apparent drunken state, sitting on a man’s lap. The National Road Safety Agency requested the suspension of the woman’s driver’s license and a psychophysical study be carried out to evaluate her aptitude to drive, while the Misdemeanor Court initiated an administrative investigation.

The Court of Misdemeanors, adhered to the Interinstitutional Road Safety Network With the commitment to work for the reduction of accident rates and deaths in traffic accidents, it will also intervene in the case.

“The video shows that there is reckless behavior when driving,” he told New dairy the president of the Court of Misdemeanor, Cristian Abdenur. He explained that the National Road Safety Agency sent a statement to the Provincial Road Safety Secretariat, in charge of Carlos Sauma, -who relayed to the Municipality-, a statement so that Gramajo’s license is suspended until a new psychophysical examination is carried out.

The investigative process could last at least 30 days. Gramajo will be notified next week. “As we do not have the circumstances and facts that have surrounded the case, because It can be presumed that he was intoxicated, but there is no certaintyTherefore, we have initiated an ex officio investigation file in order to determine what violation was committed or not, “said the official.

elected councilor

He specified that the investigation is justified in article 11 and 12 of ordinance 154136 of the Code of Procedure for Misconduct, which applies to every citizen who can be identified.

“There is a reckless attitude and this undermines road safety that we reproach from every point of view. All the time we seek to apply State policies aimed at preventing and discouraging this type of conduct. This is compounded by her status as an elected councilor.“He said and added that on all those involved in the video, especially the driver, an investigation file should be opened, while remarking that this instance will allow Gramajo to exercise his right of defense.

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