The couple and the repercussions of the socioeconomic issue on them

In the love stories of fiction, the themes of poverty and wealth, especially in a context in which it is practically impossible for these two concepts to come together to achieve happiness. In reality things are a bit different, because although these conditions do not always prevent a couple unionYes, they can greatly influence it.

When some lovers marry, it is common that in the wedding vows in the church they commit to being together in the church. scarcity and economic abundance. As it happens in the life of all familiesDifficult times always come and it is the union that makes the effort to overcome situations. In couples this type of situation should be handled in the same way.

The contemporary world has led people to make it somewhat complicated to think that the union is strength to get out of economic problems or to progress together economically in benefit of love. The ideas of the rich and the poor are deep within individual minds and collective thinking, to the point of affecting the psychological aspect.

The current system has divided the world’s population into two large groups, those who have money and those who do not. The former are characterized by having sufficient income to cover their most basic needs until the moments that can be shared with that special person. In contrast, the latter have few opportunities to have a professional education so their job security is poor.

Financial crises can cause great stress on people personally and the situation worsens when another person or one depends on us. Relationship. Psychology professionals have confirmed that social class impacts many aspects of our life, from health, happiness and even the way we interact with people.

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For example, people of a high social class are more likely to marry and they are more likely to divorce than those who have less socioeconomic possibilities. Along with this data, comes the one that says that couples with money face their marital problems more easily and they manage to solve them satisfactorily.

What is also a reality is that regardless of social class, both “rich” and “poor” have the same dating expectations or of marriage in the emotional and sentimental aspects: trust, intimacy and company. The differences appear at the moment in which the cultural contexts of each person, which are defined by socioeconomic level.

Culture in couple relationships

This is composed of the thoughts and behaviors what do the members have of a couple. People with less economic possibilities grow up with a very strong idea of ​​interdependence, aware of the dangers and instability of life itself. Mutual support is more present in their actions and in what they expect from others.

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In a different context the people of a different social class higher, as they tend to have a more ingrained idea of ​​independence, as they are used to satisfying their basic needs very easily and have the opportunity to fulfill their most superficial desires. They tend to see Couple relationships as an option to connect with your emotions and those of someone else.

It can be concluded then, that in couples in which there are different socioeconomic cultures An attempt should be made to find a balance between personal connection and self-protection, so that the use of circumstances does not arise

The couple and the repercussions of the socioeconomic issue on them

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