The Córdoba Left Front unifies lists for November

The Left Front and the Unity Workers (FITU), obtained results from the Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory elections (PASO) this Sunday that will allow it to compete in November and resolve the candidacies based on the votes that each space received.

With 4.28% of the votes obtained in the section of Senators and 4.32 in that of Deputies, the Front made up of the Party of Socialist Workers (PTS), the Socialist Left (IS), the Socialist Movement of the Workers (MST-Nueva Izquierda) and the Partido Obrero (PO), is consolidated as the fourth political force in Córdoba.

The Left Front of Córdoba unifies lists for November / Image: Twitter @LuciEchevarria
The Left Front of Córdoba unifies lists for November / Image: Twitter @LuciEchevarria

“We are very happy and very satisfied with the results of yesterday that consolidate us as the fourth provincial force, because they reinforce the commitment to the real unity of the Left by combining those who founded the Left Front and the renewal of the comrades who have arisen from the rotation of the seats ”, Laura Vilches, the now candidate for senator of the FITU, told cba24n.

In that sense, the PTS leader spoke that they will seek until the November elections, to work on their proposals fundamentally linked to the rights of workers, women and youth.

“What is coming now is a huge challenge so that the Córdoba of workers, women and youth can have a representation in Congress, compared to three great variants that express very few nuances; not only Together for Change and We do for Córdoba, but also the Frente de Todos that elected its candidates from the kidney of Cordovan Peronism ”, Vilches affirmed.

In addition, he also expressed his satisfaction with the results obtained by the force in other districts: “Regarding the national election, we are very satisfied with having fulfilled our objective of becoming the third force at the national level and with great expectations in some districts for to be able to fight benches in November ”, he assured.

The Left Front of Córdoba unifies lists for November / Image: Partido Obrero Press
The Córdoba Left Front unifies lists for November / Image: Partido Obrero Press

The lists

As previously agreed, the different parties will place their candidates in the places on the list of Deputies in a proportional way to the votes obtained in the STEP, while the section of Senators will go with the candidates who obtained the most votes in the primary.

In this way, and according to the figures obtained in the STEP, the section of Deputies will be headed by the following candidates:

1) Liliana Olivero (IS)

2) Gastón Vachiani (MST)

3) Noel Argañaraz (PTS)

4) Eduardo Salas (PO)

While in the list of Senators, the formula of the PTS will be repeated that will lead to:

1) Laura Vilches

2) Alfredo Leytes

Bank Rotation

On the other hand, in the event of winning seats in the November legislatures, the forces agreed to implement the same system that they already apply in the provincial legislature, of rotating seats.

Thus, the distribution of months that each force will occupy on the bench will be proportional to the votes won by each force. The only condition to enter the rotation is to have a floor of 20% of the votes.

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