The Córdoba clubs repudiated Andrés Fassi, president of Talleres

The letter sent by the Córdoba clubs to the Cordovan Football League in repudiation of the President of Talleres, Andrés Fassi.

Córdoba, September 9, 2021

Mr. Alejandro Fernández President Cordoba Football League


Of our most consideration:

The representatives of the clubs affiliated to the Cordovan Football League before the Executive Committee, express our most energetic repudiation of the expressions made by the president of the Club Atlético Talleres to a radio medium in the city of Córdoba. A few words were enough for Mr. Fassi to disrespect the entire Cordovan football leadership, discriminating, despising and stigmatizing many people who in silence, great sacrifice and without receiving any emolument, worked, work and will work to support and to grow the sporting activity that we love the most.

With total ignorance, arrogance and ignorance, Mr. Fassi rudely insinuates that in the clubs we run, no works are done. Perhaps his long residence abroad and the sporadic visits he makes to our country have prevented him from taking note of the perhaps slow but constant growth of the infrastructure of our institutions. Mr. Fassi insults us when he accuses us of “living that are momentarily in the structure of the institutions for their own use”. We do not earn money from our leadership activities. Can Mr. Fassi say the same? We will not accept in any way that you treat us as thieves. Mr. Fassi is fallacious and irresponsible when he says that “a club wall has not been painted for 30 years,” but it could be understood as someone who has not stepped on a Cordovan club pitch for decades.

For this reason, we invite the President of the Club Atlético Talleres, anticipating the announcement that he announced in the aforementioned radio program, to meet with the leaders of Cordoba football so that we can explain to him how to work in neighborhood clubs. We remind Mr. Fassi that the Club Atlético Talleres uses a stadium for its professional matches that is maintained by all the people of Cordoba, the League clubs, the league clubs in the interior of the province, players who will never set foot on that lawn, retirees and workers from our province and for which you pay a ridiculous rent … when you pay it.

We also make him see that his stadium in the Jardin neighborhood is not qualified for the dispute of League matches and for this reason he has to use club stadiums “that have not painted a wall for 30 years.” We do not announce million-dollar works, but each brick that is put, each wardrobe arranged, each tribune raised with effort and sacrifice (and with the resources that Mr. Fassi intends to deny the football he claims to love) are celebrated like a championship.

We fervently hope that your busy schedule allows you, on your next visit to Córdoba, to maintain a dialogue between leaders to be able to explain and show you the works that we do –without fanfare– in our clubs.

SIGNING REPRESENTATIVES: Carlos García (Club Atlético Almirante Brown) Pablo Juárez (Club Atlético AMSURRBAC) Ángel Fernández (Club Atlético Argentino Peñarol) Guillermo Kraisman (Club Atlético Avellaneda) Daniel Giordano (Club Atlético Barrio Parque) Pablo Renella (Club Deportivo Atalaya) Marcelo Carranza (Club Atlético Belgrano) José Farías (Club Atlético Escuela Presidente Roca) Roberto Iglesias (Club Atlético General Paz Juniors) Franco Núñez (Club Atlético Huracán) José Giardina (Club Atlético Libertad) Marcelo Lemos (Club Atlético Racing) Gabriel Juri (Club Atlético San Lorenzo) Carlos Russo (University Club) Santos Turza (Instituto Atlético Central Córdoba) Marcelo Miranda (First Division B) Guillermo Franco (First Division B) Cristian Rodríguez (First Division B) Mariano Viola (First Division B)

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