The control of the facades of the buildings in the city advances

By Mario Minervino / [email protected]

Almost two decades after ordinance 12626 was enacted and ten years after its regulation, the municipality continues to send the notifications established by that regulation by which property owners are requested to present a technical report that verifies the general state of the facades and projections of the same.

The technical evaluation is required of the owners of properties that are more than 10 years old, in order to have a survey that allows to have a detail of the status of hundreds of works that today can mean a risk, sometimes visible, others not, for those who walk through the city.

According to the information from the General Directorate of Cadastre and Private Works, dependent on the Secretariat of Infrastructure, in 2020 some 400 notifications were sent to owners, of which 50% presented the corresponding technical report while the rest requested an additional term. to do it. The pandemic, however, put a parenthesis to the sending of minutes.

This year, as normality is restored, notifications were sent again, both to those who have pending reports in 2020 and about 150 new ones.

Asked about the degree of response found, the head of the management, engineer Adrián Salvarezza, pointed out that in general terms “they respond positively.”

The details

The technical report must be carried out by a professional concerned with the subject and each owner has 30 days to present it from the moment the formal request is received by the municipality.

The form to be completed includes a description of the status of the different elements that are part of the façade and the cadastral data and the location of the property. The intervening professional will evaluate (with a rating of Very good, good, fair and bad) the condition of balconies, terraces, railings, balusters, windowsills, walls, perimeter loads, canopies, awnings, ornaments, carpentry, majolica, marble, ceramics, bodies projections, plastering, moldings, drains, ventilation, air conditioning installations and “any addition” to facades or party walls.

The report will include a diagnosis of the parts considered and, if they are in poor condition, the causes of this situation, the construction procedures that must be applied for their repair and a tentative term of the works to be carried out will be mentioned.


If all the elements that may appear on a facade are considered, it is understood that their verification includes a great variety of properties, not only in height, but also shops or houses on the ground floor, since it is common for them to have posters, awnings and other types of projections.

The municipality will be in charge of controlling that the reports are presented within the established period and also the completion of the necessary works to guarantee the good condition of the building.

If these requirements are not met, the ordinance establishes the application of fines, the amount of which is related to the age of the building.

The periodicity of the report will be ten years for buildings between 10 and 21 years old; eight for those from 21 to 34; six for those from 34 to 50; every 4 from 50 to 71 and every two years for assets that are more than 72 years old.

The owner who does not comply with the provisions may be sanctioned in the first instance with a warning and if he does not give a favorable response with fines of one to one hundred basic salaries of employees of the Municipal Public Administration, which is equivalent to values ​​between 40 thousand and 4 million pesos.

The ordinance also mentions that “a classification of infractions and guidelines will also be made to establish penalties based on guilt, fraud, size of the building and the importance of the damage to be caused.”

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