The “Colo” supported Coqui and told how bad it happened in Cebollitas: “He cried in the recordings because of the pressure …”

Last Tuesday afternoon, Juan Yacuzzi, who played “Coqui” in the series Cebollitas, was encouraged to break the silence and said that the children of the cast had suffered abuses by the producers.

“We had a lot of pressure and I was the oldest but there were boys of 8 or 9 years old, like Gamuza or Dalma Maradona. Screams were heard … or when we were tempted. There was a shit … terrible farts, unnecessarily apart. Or even when we were tempted and we shit … farting as if we had killed someone. If today you recorded that screaming with a cell phone, there are several who would not work anymore ”, he revealed in dialogue with Miter Live.

“There are some who went very crazy and seemed to faint, they turned red from yelling at us, you see. They threw the paper on the floor and re-heated. Some were crying and everything. If we were to record Cebollitas again and Diego (Maradona) was alive and found out about it, it would have been a terrible mess. We thought it was normal, that you make a mistake with the lyrics and that they yell at you and shit you … farts, “he added.

After these explosive statements went viral, Diego Vicos, who played “el Colo” in the 1990s series, recounted his experience during a conversation with journalist Juan Etchegoyen. “We are very friends with Juan (Yacuzzi) and we have a relationship practically since we finished the novel and each one had their experience, it was many hours of work and for no one it was easy, neither for them nor for us and you have to have a mettle to working with boys, ”he began.

“It was a bit of an exploit and many hours that we dedicated to the fiction project. One chose it and was taking that experience. For everyone it was positive but the issue was that many decided to pursue another career because it was not their vocation, others decided to continue in this because we are passionate and not everything is rosy in the profession, “he added.

Finally, about his personal experience, Vicos recalled: “I cried in the recordings because of the pressure there was. You lived the dream of being an actor and being with people in the middle but you were under a lot of pressure. Once it happened to me that the director who had character spoke to me in a way that perhaps with the work pressure and the text, and the scenes, you were a little anguished ”.

“They told us that they were going to take us out of the project if we didn’t do things well. Each one had its personal touch, there was strong pressure and at times they made you fall to your senses and you fell that it was a job that had to be done. It was very exhausting and a lot of demand for work ”, closed the actor trying to be impartial. /Soon

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