The collation of granite floors and the survey of trees began in Costanera

The site began with the demolition of sidewalks and the reconditioning of stonemasons, works that began at the southern head of the Gral. San Martín waterfront, at the foot of the interprovincial bridge, and that will gradually extend until the crossing with Passage Quevedo , in order to generate the least possible impact on the circulation of that part of the city.

Currently, the demolition of the existing floors and subfloors throughout the “Paseo de la Misericordia” is being faced, to proceed with the casting of concrete and then place the granite tiles and guide pod-tactile tiles that will provide an innovative signage to the place. Lighting fixtures and street furniture will also be installed throughout the promenade.

On the other hand, and in parallel to these works, the pilasters and railings of the Costanera are restored, and new power lines are installed that will feed the new lights that will eventually be equipped in these traditional places.

Tree Species

Likewise, technical teams began to survey the phytosanitary condition of the trees in the intervened sector to address their attention, decide on their replacement and determine the areas for the planting of new native tree species.

It should be remembered that the proposal of the historical and cultural circuit “Ñanderecó”, (Our way of being), is an intervention in the points and promenades located along the coastal avenue, up to Salta street, to enhance the different sectors and link them with each other and with the associated public green spaces.

Ñandereco circuit

All these works are undertaken by the Ministry of Public Works and Services, through the Central Unit for the Administration of Programs with International Financing (UCAPFI) and are financed through a loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (-BID 2929-OC / AR- ) with the Government of the Province of Corrientes.

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