The Citizen Wednesday program begins in Magdalena Contreras

The Magdalena Contreras started the program “Wednesday Citizen“, Where the mayor Luis Gerardo Quijano attended to the demands, problems and needs in terms of works, urban services, citizen participation, security, mobility and citizen care, social security, health and care for the elderly, women and children, among others.

This meeting with the residents of the demarcation was attended by more than 162 people and received 189 steps, of those who appeared very early in order to be heard by the new Contrerense authorities led by Luis Gerardo Quijano himself.

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At the start of the “Citizen Wednesday”, Gerardo Quijano assured that the weekly meeting with the citizens, will allow to know in a timely manner the diverse needs that the neighbors have and to be able to solve their requests in an expeditious manner.

He pointed out that as he promised, his management will be close to the people and not desk, that is why every week he will attend, together with the heads of the main government areas, all the requests for attention that the residents of the 46 neighborhoods and 4 neighborhoods of La Magdalena Contreras sue them every 8 days.

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Luis Gerardo Quijano specified that in addition to this activity, which will be permanent every Wednesday, he will continue with his daily tours of the various areas and colonies of La Magdalena Contreras, “we have encountered endless problems of the population that the past administration It did not solve it, our priority now is to serve them and offer them immediate response alternatives to their main demands ”, he specified.

Mayor Luis Gerardo Quijano stated that the residents of La Magdalena Contreras will be able to attend the “Citizen Wednesdays” without having to request any prior appointment and will attend them from 10 am to 3 pm, in order to present their local and personal problems .


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