The chosen ones of the B: the Atlantic champion was noticed with Gromico, Tesido and Ramallo

It is survey season to liven up the summer of passes and preview what will come in 2022. It is always good to assess what happened in the campaign that has just ended and as El Hincha usually does, the coaches of each category chose their favorites of the season. Of course, due to the format of the contest, most of the technicians only faced half of the teams and that is why they limited their voting to their area, while others were encouraged to broaden the spectrum. Of course, they could not vote for those targeted.

Without suspense, in the survey the performance of the teams that set trends in the campaign was highly valued, and especially the task of the Atlantic champion, since Tiago Gromico was chosen MVP, Leandro Tesido was the best coach and Gerónimo Ramallo was the revelation player. And of course, the players from Fisherton, Central and Newell’s, the other casts who took part in the final home run and who encouraged the competition, were also represented at the top of each category.

The exposure of these players even led to the majority having Super League or Federal offers and some of them decided to make the leap, while others preferred to continue the evolution in their clubs.

It is not common for a U19 to be the great figure of the contest and especially in a tremendous fight with experienced players, so the merits of Tiago Gromico are many. Base with goal, growing in the vision of the game, the defects and virtues of every talented kid who led his teams to win in various categories. And temperament. It’s not by chance.

“The truth is that I did not expect it since I am very young and there are players with a lot of experience in the category. It’s news that moved me, I know I had a great year, but everything I did was because my teammates and the coach gave me the confidence to be able to let go and play my way, ”Gromico said, happy for the news.

And he put a notice for the Kiwi, he stays: “At the end of the season I had many offers from other clubs but the previous year was very positive so I didn’t see a reason to leave, I’m going to continue playing in Atlantic because I still owe him a lot for everything he gave me throughout my life, I will always be grateful to the club and the more years I can defend the club from Verde, the better ”.

Tiago outvoted players like Colmegna or Ríos, his teammate Ramallo and Pochettino.

In the ideal quintet, Gromico stayed with the base with an advantage over Galvense Francisco Pochettino (Central), while the guard position went to Pochettino and Lisandro Ríos (Fisherton), who matched by 5 votes each, beating names like Baravalle or Gandoy.

Luli Ríos won the forward position in a close vote to form a very spicy perimeter full of goals. In total (the two positions) Ríos was voted by 9 of the 16 possible coaches and Pochettino 12 of the 16 among the three positions.

In the pivot position, the favorites were Renzo Falcone (Fisherton) and Emiliano Colmegna (Newell’s) with 6 votes each, while Atlantic kid Gerónimo Ramallo remained as a guard.

Colmegna precisely won the pivot position with 7 votes to 5 for Ramallo. Here, too, Pocho gathered a whopping 13 out of 16 possible coaching votes, and Ramallo was voted 10 (2 for forward, 3 for power forward and 5 for center).

Among the coaches, the recognition of Leandro Tesido and Fernando Walker was overwhelming. The Atlantic won with 8 votes to 5 over Fisherton’s, both protagonists of the enormous definition of the contest.

The revelation player was Gerónimo Ramallo, chosen by 9 coaches and followed by Gromico in the vote. The young lungo already passed to Temperley for the Federal.

And in the election of arbitrators there was a varied vote, but Negro Alberto García, an experienced man who continues to be a guarantee, was favored.

All voted

Best base

Tiago Gromico 8.5

Francisco Pochettino 4.5

David Ghione 1

Francisco Canevari 1

Mauricio Castillo 1

German Farhat 1

Best escort

Francisco Pochettino 5

Lisandro Rios 5

Sergio Baravalle 2

Facundo Gandoy 2

Francisco Valotto 1

Tiago Gromico 1

Esteban Perez 1

Best forward

Lisandro Rios 4

Geronimo Ramallo 2

Lautaro Market 2

Francisco Pochettino 2

Facundo Gandoy 2

Renzo Falcone 1

Tiago Gromico 1

Maximiliano Arias 1

Sergio Baravalle 1

Luciano Ruiz 1

Best power forward

Renzo Falcone 6

Emiliano Colmegna 6

Geronimo Ramallo 3

Federico Raffin 1

Ignacio Onetto 1

Best pivot

Emiliano Colmegna 7

Geronimo Ramallo 5

Lucio Bisiach 2

Federico Bicetti 1

Ignacio Onetto 1

Mauro Aparicio 1


Tiago Gromico 5

Emiliano Colmegna 4

Lisandro Rios 4

Geronimo Ramallo 3

Francisco Pochettino 1

Best DT

Leandro Tesido 8

Fernando Walker 5

Nicolas Funes 1

Gustavo Sandrini 1

Cristian Sbarra 1

Maximiliano Robson 1


Gerónimo Ramallo 8.5

Tiago Gromico 3.5

Renzo Falcone 2

Francisco Pochettino 2

Julian Garcia 1

Best Referee

Alberto Garcia 4

Jerez 2

Pumpkin 2

Bissolatti 1.5

Ignacio Baez 1

Pérez 1

Lunelli 1

Petrone 1

Miraglia 1

Colman 0,5

Does not vote: 2

What each coach voted

Leandro Tesido (Atlantic): Pochettino, Ríos, Baravalle, Colmegna, Onetto. MVP: Rivers. DT: Walker. Revelation: Falcone. Referee: Alberto García.

Ulises Saia (Ben Hur): Pochettino, Gromico, Ríos, Ramallo, Colmegna. MVP: Ramallo. DT: Tesido. Revelation: Julián García. Referee: Alberto García.

Nicolás Funes (Central): Gromico, Ríos, Falcone, Colmegna, Ramallo. MVP: Rivers. DT: Walker. Revelation: Ramallo. Referee: Jerez.

Jorge Leone (Swiss Shooting): Ghione, Pérez, Ramallo, Raffín, Bisiach. MVP: Ramallo. DT: Sbarra. Revelation: Ramallo. Referee: Ignacio Báez.

Edgardo Acosta (Fortín Barracas): Canevari, Pochettino, Gromico, Falcone, Colmegna. MVP: Gromico. D: Walker. Revelación: Pochettino. Referee: Bissolatti.

Walter Pedemonte (San Telmo): Pochettino and Gromico, Baravalle, Mercado, Falcone, Colmegna. MVP: Colmegna. DT: Walker. Revelation: Gromico and Ramallo. Referee: Zucchio.

Maximiliano Robson (Newell’s): Gromico, Pochettino, Ríos, Falcone and Ramallo. MVP: Gromico. DT: Tesido. Revelation: Gromico. Referee: Pérez.

Duilio Orazi (Garibaldi): Pochettino, Ríos, L. Ruiz, Falcone, Bicetti. MVP: Rivers. DT: Walker. Revelation: Pochettino. Referee: Colman and Bissolatti.

Ramiro Martínez (Edison): Castillo, Baravalle, Gandoy, Falcone, Aparicio. MVP: Colmegna. DT: Robson. Revelation: Falcone. Referee: Zucchio.

Lucas Lehrer (Central U22): Gromico, Pochettino, Mercado, Colmegna, Ramallo. MVP: Gromico. DT: Tesido. Revelation: Ramallo. Referee: Miraglia.

Cristian Sbarra (Echesortu B): Gromico, Pochettino, Ríos, Colmegna, Ramallo. MVP: Gromico. DT: Tesido. Revelation: Ramallo. Referee: Alberto García.

Fernando Walker (Atlético Fisherton): Pochettino, Gandoy, Arias, Colmegna, Bisiach. MVP: Gromico. DT: Funes. Revelation: Gromico. Referee: Lunelli.

Martín Sánchez (Independent of Ricardone): Gromico, Valotto, Pochettino, Ramallo, Colmegna. MVP: Colmegna. DT: Tesido. Revelation: Gromico. Referee: Jerez.

Juan Manuel Bertoqui (Maciel): Farhat, Gandoy, Ramallo, Onetto, Colmegna. MVP: Colmegna. DT: Tesido. Revelation: Ramallo. Referee: does not vote

Federico Rodriguez (Red Star): Gromico, Ríos, Gandoy, Falcone, Colmegna. MVP: Rivers. DT: Sandrini. Referee: Petrone.

Patricio Pizzonia (Paganini Alumni): Gromico, Ríos, Pochettino, Ramallo, Colmegna. MVP: Ramallo. DT: Tesido. Revelation: Ramallo. Referee: Alberto García.

Gustavo Sandrini (Zionist): Gromico, Pochettino, Ríos, Colmegna, Ramallo. MVP: Pochettino. DT: Tesido. Revelation: Ramallo. Referee: does not vote.

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