The challenging message from Mauricio Macri to Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

Mauricio Macri was part of a private meeting promoted by the Think in Córdoba Foundation. During his speech, the former president made a spicy comment that confirms how fierce the inmate is going to be in Together for Change looking forward to 2023.

“It is good that many priests want to be popes, others want to be bishops or cardinals, but know that they are going to have to compete,” he said. Macri referring to the number of opposition leaders who have already begun to measure their forces with the intention of being in the presidential formula. Among them, nothing less than Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

The ex-president was in favor of internal competition, but also pointed out that the importance is to share a common plan and dismissed personalism: “In this competition that each one proposes to understand, first we are going to a much more collective driving model, most shared. ” On this last point, he added: “This is serious, Argentina needs a group of leaders, not one, to be in charge of representing the sentiment of the people who are going to take it to power. and that he has that commitment in each of the decisions he makes ”.

The statements of Macri they fit into a context of tension inside the PRO. The relationship between “doves” and “hawks” is increasingly tense and, it is likely, that the temperature will continue to rise when Congress is operational and the 2023 presidential campaign approaches. However, the former president trusted that the conflicts disperse when a leader is chosen.

In addition, referring to the voters of the front, he said: “They should be calm because all the candidates of the coalition are going to carry out the same ideas, that is the objective that we all have to have.”


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