The Cervantino comes to cheer Guanajuato, adapting to the new normal

“Touch her! Kiss her! Hug her! Tongue her! Love her!” Mario Hernandez Flores, a volunteer tourist promoter, to 10 couples who staged the legend in the Callejón del Beso, in a couple of hours.

The festival starts

“You can already feel the taste of Cervantino. Once again we are in the eyes of the world,” he said.

At the start of the 49th edition of the International Cervantino Festival In a hybrid format, tourists, young people and organizers filled the streets, squares and restaurants of the Historic Center, amid patrols of the Army and police corporations.

“Today the atmosphere is different, happy, not like last year, when the city was turned off,” says Mario, who adds that his throat is ready, as a high number of visitors is expected to “portray” his love in the Callejón of the Kiss.

Dozens of people arrive at the hotels in tourist trucks, others move with suitcases through the streets of the city center, among songs of mariachis and student artists from the University of Guanajuato.

Cervantino after the storm

With the garb of a minstrel, Jesús says that returning to the Cervantino in person, 365 days after it was virtual and went unnoticed by service providers, this year benefits that people come to enjoy the events or exhibitions.

He carries in his hands a block of tickets for the callejoneadas, which he places among the visitors in the Plaza de la Paz and outside the Palace of the Powers.

Due to health measures, only 60 people will be able to participate at most in the student tours.. On weekends they hold up to five events, but this season they hope to double them.

In the Jardín de la Unión, Alejandro Sandoval, shoe cleaner, says that the tasty thing about the Cervantino Festival is that the good atmosphere will come after the opening in the Alhóndiga de Granaditas and the thunder of the pyrotechnics because the people (visitors) are arriving slowly.

Without stopping brushing a boot, he trusts that his work will multiply thanks to the artists, staff of the events, such as the state band, the University ballet, and of people who wear their finery in the shows, after going through a difficult year due to the coronavirus. In these weeks, he hopes to double the number of pairs of footwear he cleans, at least 20 a day.

Cuba, guest country

Announcements at the entrances to the capital and banners on the posts welcome Cuba guest country of the Cervantino International Festival, already Coahuila as a guest state, and they order to visit the exhibitions Segar el Mar de Coahuila and Resistencia de Cuba, in the Palacio de los Poderes Museum, although on the first day there was no public access, only for officials of the municipality and the state and for special guests.

Oswaldo Chávez, director of Cultural Extension of the University of Guanajuato, assures that the Cervantino Festival implies the long-awaited return to the stage, to the lights, to the applause of the public that nourishes each of the presentations.

This edition also reflects the solidarity of the human being in the face of adversity, the conscience with our environment, the sadness of the losses, the happiness of continuing to stand and the enormous responsibility of building a better future through culture, “he says. During a tour through the streets of the Historic Center, Carlos Suárez, a Cuban violinist, appears, who mentions that his experience in this World Heritage City has been wonderful. will participate with the group Van Van.

The most important cultural festival in Mexico. # 49FIC H í BRIDO, October 13 to 31, 2021. TWITTER / @cervantino





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