The “ceremony” of the reunion and the value of a diverse program «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

“We are happy, you can see the joy, the reunion ceremony and the desire to return to the cinema, to enjoy the Festival,” said the president of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, Fernando Juan Lima to LA CAPITAL.

In a talk in which he analyzed the progress of the cinematographic event that has a varied program, with productions from different parts of the world and, many from Latin America, he valued that “this edition is growing day by day, we do not have the plateau that usually occurs after the peak of the first days, and even with these hot days, there are full-room performances at noon and, not to mention, late at night ”.

The official considers that “there is a reaction from the public to the programming and to the sharing, because the functions that have a round of questions with filmmakers are very rich, with many people involved asking from love, from what they felt” and that also “it is followed debating, asking, talking, outside the room ”.

Lima acknowledged that “we have had relatively few inconveniences in terms of screenings (some that started late so that all the people, some problem with subtitles) but people are so happy that when we pass by apologizing and explaining why the delay The answer is that they are happy to be there, to share and there are no complaints, although we do everything possible so that these things do not happen ”.

“The festival transcends projections, we live again to speak, to discuss, to think together and it seems to me that the issue of the shortcomings of this time was amplified”.

In this sense, the president of the festival valued that one of the strengths of the program is variety, taking into account that “there is no single way to relate to film. The idea is to embrace different looks, different shapes. In diversity is the secret ”.


In any case, he shared that “in the programming of this edition there are dialogues between films that focus on issues that have to do with family and relationships, the different types of families, the different ways of facing life’s problems. ”, With productions that“ are based on a realistic search and on the problems of the present and how to continue finding certain harmonies and possibilities of pleasure ”.

In this regard, he exemplified that “thus we find some dialogues between a film from Georgia or an Argentine and an American one that, in very different ways, address the same theme.”

But that in the range of possibilities coexists “a film in which we would like to live, like ‘What do we see when we look at the sky’ that, beyond the dialogue it has with Argentina, reaches the heart without being sweetened, and has the perfect tone “With” horror films, documentaries, films that run from known genres to propose something different. “

Lima stressed that the organization is already working on the next edition. “Our intention is that we can return to all the rooms but, also, have activity throughout the year in the city. That is very important and we really want to be with a proposal every month ”.

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