The categorical message of Livia Brito after suing an editorial before the FGR

Livia Brito She is one of the Latin American artists of the moment, after the success of the telenovela “La Desalmada”, which has her as one of the protagonists. Given this, her fans and the paparazzi around her have multiplied in search of more information about her private life. But since everything has limits, a conflict arose and the 35-year-old Cuban actress took action on the matter.

The interpreter of Fernanda Linares in “The soulless”He decided to denounce the Notmusa publishing house, a company that publishes the controversial weekly magazine“ TVNotas, before the Attorney General’s Office (FGR). The Latina’s anger arises after a publication of some photographs captured without her consent and published on that site. They would have been captured on the beach.

This Thursday Livia Brito She was intercepted when she was leaving the aforementioned institution and said the following: “It’s not okay, we must have a little prudence and ask permission to remove it.” “We are already tired, we must make a point that these things are over, that they have a little more respect for people,” added the brunette.

Brito he concluded by asking the media not to interfere in his private life and to respect his privacy. This is not the first time that the brunette has problems with the pink press, since in 2020 she was captured with her partner by the photographer Ernesto Zepeda on a beach in Cancun, Quintana Roo and would have reacted in a violent way, on that occasion hurting to the chronicler.

Source: Instagram Livia Brito

“He is denouncing me Livia Brito as likely responsible for invading your privacy. She alleges that privacy should be respected and it is true, but being a public figure she must understand that in public places it is very difficult for people not to approach her, to ask for an autograph, my file has been around for a long time ”, she said a few years ago. Zepeda time, upon receiving a counterclaim from the star of “The soulless”.


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