The cases of children hospitalized with salmonella grow, they ask for extreme care

A strong outbreak of salmonella affects Salta, so it is requested extreme care and implement all precautionary measures, mainly related to the preservation and cooking of food. In the Public Maternal and Child hospital all the alarms for him significant number of children hospitalized with the infection.

In this sense, the pediatrician Gabriela Rapetti, indicated to We are Salta that compared to the same period in 2020, they notice a strong increase in cases. “On September, we had a total of 36 cases of invasive infections, requiring hospitalization and comparing with the same month of 2020, we had had only one case. And so far this month October, we have already reported so far 25 cases“, said.

On symptomatology to bear in mind, he assured that it basically affects the tract gastrointestinal although the alarm sign must be the persistent fever. “Basically symptoms like dabdominal odor, diarrhea or constipation, vomiting. Other symptoms may appear if the infection progresses and is somewhat more severe, this bacterium has the peculiarity of being able to compromise different organs ”, he expressed.

Measures to prevent salmonellosis


– Meat, fish and pastry products must be refrigerated or frozen.

– It is convenient to reject eggs that are not labeled and those that do not have a best before date, are dirty or broken.

– In bars, cafes, restaurants, etc., you must reject processed foods that, requiring refrigeration, are exposed to room temperature.


– Making sure that children wash their hands with hot water and soap before eating and after playing with their pets: dogs, cats, turtles, ducks, chickens, etc.

– Helping the elderly, young children and people with disabilities in their personal care and hygiene and, especially, in case of diarrheal processes.

– Extremely clean and hygienic of the hands when preparing food.

– Checking that surfaces, containers and utensils in contact with food are clean before and after each use.


– Meat, fish and shellfish must be refrigerated as soon as possible after purchase.

– It is necessary to avoid that the meats can drain on other foods destined to the consumption in crude.

– It is not advisable to wash the eggs, since the humidity favors the entry of Salmonella inside.


– Do not break the eggs on the edges of the containers where they are going to be beaten and use said container only for that operation

– Do not separate the whites from the yolks taking advantage of the egg shell itself.

– Defrost meat and fish in closed containers inside the refrigerators.

– Cook shellfish bought alive sufficiently.

– Avoid eating raw eggs or undercooked foods that contain raw eggs.

– Do not consume insufficiently cooked meats, especially poultry.

– Do not drink raw milk


– It is not necessary to put in contact raw food with prepared food.

– Use airtight containers to store and keep food refrigerated.

– Keep cooked food and leftovers in refrigerators until consumption.

– Any mayonnaise or similar sauce, if it is homemade, must be consumed immediately after its preparation, without saving the excess amounts. If it is industrial, it must be kept in the refrigerator once its consumption has started.

– Always keep any cakes, custards, sauces, etc. in the refrigerator, and consume them 24 hours after they are made.

– On excursions, never leave prepared food in the sun or in the car. Store them in a cooler.

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