The Car Guide’s 2022 Best Buys: Honda Civic

Like every year, the Car guide publishes its best buys in all vehicle categories.

The compact category has seen a major change in 2022 as the Honda Civic has been renewed. Queen of sales for many years, the Japanese compact remains a big seller despite the rise of SUVs.

And it is precisely the Civic which wins the bet, taking the first position from the Mazda3 which dominated the category last year. Thanks to its improved interior and handling, it is the perfect combination of what customers are looking for in this class.

Photo: Antoine Joubert

The standings are very close with the Mazda3, which only bowed a short head. Its poor rear visibility, especially the hatchback, and its less pleasant multimedia system to use made it lose points. That said, the Mazda offers a wide variety of powertrains and optional all-wheel drive. If that matters to you, know that its dynamic capabilities are also at the top of the category.

Finally, the third step of the podium goes to the Toyota Corolla. Less pleasant to drive than the Honda and the Mazda, it in return offers flawless reliability, its evolution being done step by step over the years. Available in gasoline, hybrid, sedan and hatchback versions, there is a variation for all uses. For a rational long-term purchase, the Corolla is a sure bet in the segment.

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