The brutal witness testimony of a shooting between a policeman and two thieves that ended with the assailants dead

This corner looks like the corner of death. There have already been several deaths here“Diego lamented, referring to the intersection of Inca and Tomás Valle streets, in the Buenos Aires town of González Catán, La Matanza district.

This Monday, at 1.15 am, he was startled when he was sleeping at home because at that intersection a policeman who worked as a taxi driver with two assailants shot himself. The thieves died.

I was sleeping and the shots were heard, quite loud. Six or seven shots“, described the neighbor, who considered that the cash”acted well“, when defending himself when he was intercepted by criminals while he was working as an application driver and transferred a 48-year-old nurse as a passenger. The agent, a 26-year-old Buenos Aires Police officer, was in command of a black Volkswagen Gol.

Diego, in dialogue with Chronicle HD, defined thieves as “people who had already been stealing in the area“.

One came walking behind the other“said the man when alluding to the criminals.”The policeman sees that one wants to take out the ‘iron’, takes out his weapon and the shooting begins“He recounted. Product of gunshot wounds,”one ends“dead on a”little tree, face up“, while the other also loses his life and is against”a bush, upside down“, he detailed.

I left a few minutes (after the shooting) and told the police officer that the low salary he receives (as an agent) is a shame, to the point of having to work as a referral with an application. He apologized to the neighbors for the uproar. The woman (for the passenger) would not stop crying. But was it him or the thieves“Diego emphasized, insisting on the legitimate defense of cash.

That reading of the case had the prosecutor Gastón Duplaá, who instructs the case and, until the morning of this Tuesday, considered that it was not necessary for the agent to appear to testify before the Justice.

I have a teenage daughter that I live by putting her inside my house. For us, the (coronavirus) pandemic is every day. I can’t leave my daughter out“Diego complained, drawing a parallel between the health emergency and insecurity.

Finally, he protested that there is only one light pole on his block. “The neighbors are going to buy the lights to install them, but we ask the Municipality to at least provide us with a crane“, he finished.

The word of the witness in Chronicle HD

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