The boxer Jenny Arias received the “keys” to her apartment from the Risaralda Government

The Colombian boxer, Jenny Marcela Arias Castañeda, who had a great participation in the past Tokyo Olympics 2021, where he reached the quarterfinals, despite competing against Nesthy Petecio, the Filipina who surpassed her by leaving her out of competition, fulfilled her great dream.

His great performance left great sensations in his followers and those who could appreciate his great talent in the ring.

In her words of gratitude in Tokyo when she was defeated by her rival, the Colombian athlete expressed the great needs that her family went through, especially her father, who suffers from a disease that prevents him from moving easily.

“I want to apologize to my coaches because I know I let them down, they had high hopes for me. To my family, this does not end here and I hope to stop from this defeat and move on. We must give more victories to Colombia … I tell my father that what I most wanted was to send him to operate, “said the athlete at that time.

Upon arrival in the country, many entities promised her a house for her and her parents, now in the midst of a heartfelt tribute, gave her a symbolic key of what would be her apartment from the hands of the Governor of Risaralda Victor Manuel Tamayo Vargas.

Photo: Instagram Risaralda Government

Moved, the boxer thanked the authorities for the noble gesture that allowed her to have her own home today:

“Governor, today a dream has come true for me, to have my own house. But I want to tell you that in this home that you give me today I will take my parents to live ”, were the moving words of the boxer from La Rioja in the middle of the event.

However, the good news for Jenny Arias did not stop there, as the president also promised surgery for her father.

“The truth, Mr. Governor, I am speechless, health is the most important thing. You helped me fulfill a great dream and that is to help me with my father’s health, I have been very calm. I know that it is not an obligation and as we have all been able to see here, there is not a governor, but a human being, ”said the boxer for the management of the Risaralda Government.

The Governor highlighted the sports capacity of the Colombian and was excited to be part of the great dream of the athlete.

Photo: Instagram Risaralda Government

Photo: Instagram Risaralda Government

“She is a woman who has made us look very good internationally, a humble woman, a simple family that we admire and love a lot, and how good that dream came true. Although it caught my attention with that gesture of her of being able to give that house to her parents so that they could live there, it seems to me that that speaks a lot about Jenny’s nobility ”, affirmed Tamayo.

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