The Bone Remains belonged to Nora Benito and the alleged author was delivered


This was confirmed by Inspector Commissioner Eduardo Chemin, Head of the Investigations area of ​​the province police.

Nora Benito.

In addition, because of the fact, there is a detained person, a man, about 50 years old, who last night surrendered to the police authorities to whom he admitted his responsibility in the crime.

The subject was one of those who was being investigated, said the police chief who also recalled that at the time, a search procedure had been carried out on the man’s home.


Nora Benito, 61, was a neighbor of the city of Trelew, she had been missing since December 2019, the date on which she was seen for the last time.
in February 2020 he filed a complaint about the disappearance.

The woman’s remains had been found last November in the street of Route 3 and after DNA tests, the identity of the victim was confirmed.

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