The blue dollar is still at its highest historical peak

This Friday, January 14, the blue dollar remains stable, reaching its new all-time high, after a week of great volatility that placed it at $209.50.

This price positions it above 91% of the official value which is around $102.82 and 109.14, as reported by Banco Nación.

When analyzing the performance of the currency throughout the year, it can be seen that the price of the blue dollar is stable with an oscillation of around 1%, since at the beginning of the year it was offered at 208.00 for sale.

Price of the savings or tourist dollar, today January 14

For its part, the tourist dollar, also known as savings or solidarity, is trading at $180.08. This value arises from adding 30% of the PAIS tax to the price of the US currency, and to this amount is added a surcharge of 35% in advance to the payment of income tax.

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