The blue dollar closed with an abrupt fall after the PASO

The so-called “blue” dollar was traded on Monday. after the elections and the defeat of the ruling party, with a drop of four pesos compared to Friday, at an average of $181 per unit for sale.

The official dollar price ended today at $103,62, with a rise of seven cents in relation to the closing of Friday, while the stock markets -considered with liquidation and MEP- mark increases of up to 0.7%.

Thus, the dollar with a 30% surcharge -considered in the COUNTRY tax-, marked an average of $ 134.70 per unit; and with the advance on account of the Income Tax of 35% on the purchase of foreign currency, the average value was $ 170.97.

In the stock market, the dollar counted with settlement (CCL) and the MEP advanced 0.7%, to $ 171.88, and to $ 171.80, respectively, in the final section of the wheel.

In the wholesale market, the price of the US currency traded with a rise of 10 cents compared to its last closing, to remain at an average of $ 98.22.

Market sources estimated that the monetary authority ended the day with a positive balance of around US $ 15 million.


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