The blank vote became the key to the election in Mendoza

The first reading on the result of the PASO is clear: Change Mendoza crushed the Front of All and left the leader of the Kirchnerism in Mendoza, Anabel Fernandez Sagasti. But beyond that obviousness, there are several edges that must be analyzed. One of them is the high number of people from Mendoza who voted blank, doubling the votes obtained by the rest of the electoral fronts.

To such an extent it attracted attention that the Rodolfo Suarez He went out to speak to the voters who decided not to put any ballots in the envelope. “We are going to ask the people from Mendoza who voted blank for their support in November,” said the leader of the provincial executive and candidate for alternate national senator.

Is that in Mendoza the percentage of blank voting almost reaches 10% with more than 96 thousand votes. To such an extent that it practically doubles the votes that the Green party, which was the third most valued political party with 5.7% of the votes. Gone was the Left with 4.9%, the Federal Party of Carlos Iannizzotto with 3.5% and Come on Mendoza with 3.5%.

The percentage of the blank vote.

All those spaces are going to try to conquer those 96 thousand people from Mendoza who preferred not to vote for anyone. To that can be added another 32,829 void votes that were registered in Mendoza.

Now a new race begins ahead of the general elections on November 14 and the campaign will focus on captivating disenchanted people from Mendoza. That will be the objective of the small parties to be able to put legislators in the House of Laws but at the same time they will be the key of Peronism to “save clothes” and achieve a decorous defeat.

But the Mendoza ruling party made it clear that it is not satisfied with 43% of the votes and itself Rodolfo Suarez He went out to convince those voters. “We are going to work for all those who voted blank – which would become the third force in Mendoza – decide for a useful vote in November. So that this anger is channeled by voting positive, because since Mendoza we are raising a very strong voice to the country, “he said.

The problem they have to solve is to find how to approach a portion of the citizenry that is disenchanted with the entire political leadership. That is to say, it seems difficult that repeating the same formulas as always and empty political campaigns can achieve that mission.

That is where they will have to do a kind of reflection to understand what those people from Mendoza said when choosing an empty envelope over any other option.

About, Suarez he slipped that in reality a large part of those voters are people “who are having a hard time” due to the decisions of the national government that did not give him answers. “I think that he blank vote it has a lot to do with that, “he said, without giving rise to the possibility that the same voter will not find a leader to represent them either in the ruling party or in the rest of the parties.

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