The best tricks for Telegram

If an app in constant evolution must be mentioned, one of the first to come out is the one created by the Russian brothers Pavel and Nikolai Durov. That is why it makes sense to talk about the best tricks for Telegram, the instant messaging service that boasts a base of more than 500 million active users.

This is not a definitive guide: it will be expanded later with the intention that anyone can master this application that has already earned a relevant place among users.

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Best tricks for Telegram

Format for messages

It is possible to give a different format to what you write in your chats with the intention of having a greater impact; you can even “hide” information that can be considered a spoiler. In the text box select the fragment of your message that you want to modify; Some formatting options will appear, including Spoiler. If you want any other, click on the three points. Once modified, your message is ready to be sent.

Reactions on messages

Cheats for Telegram

It is possible to react to messages in private chats. In groups and channels, administrators must activate this option and set the emojis of their preference.

Double-tapping a message enables a thumb up (I like it), and selecting another reaction emoji requires just tapping the dialog box once (Android) or holding it down (iOS).

Remote logout

Did you leave your Telegram session open on a common computer? Don’t worry, it is possible to disable it remotely.

Click on the three horizontal stripes in the upper left corner, then click Settings; choose Devices on the new screen. From the section of Active sessions You will be able to select the team in which you are interested in closing the platform.

Home screen widgets

The best tricks for Telegram

By adding the chat widget —on your home screen— a preview of recent messages is displayed, while the other one shows the names and if you have any messages from your favorite contacts (you choose them).

Telegram clarifies that the widgets on Android are kept updated, in addition to that they can be expanded to take up more space on the display.

Long press on a free area of ​​your home screen, select Widgets and search Telegram. Once here, choose and configure the widget that best meets your communication needs.

Pin messages in a chat

How to pin messages in a Telegram chat
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It is one thing to pin contacts, which is explained later, and another to have starred messages within a chat. To do this, go to a conversation, click on the side of the message that you are interested in highlighting – it can be on the right or left side – and, in the menu that appears, click on Pin up.

Featured messages are stored at the top of the chat, with the ability to jump between one and another, or view them in a separate list.

Preview a chat

Preview a chat on Telegram
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It is possible to have a preview of any chat in the main interface of the application with the idea of ​​knowing which are the last messages exchanged (without having to mark them as read). To do this, you only have to click on the contact’s photo; The pop-up window that shows you the conversation is displayed. If you are interested in opening it, drag a little upwards, if not, just release.

Saved messages

Messages saved in Telegram
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One of the great virtues of Telegram is this chat, which works as a repository of all kinds of information, from fragments of specific conversations to links that you would like to read later (even from your computer). All you have to do is copy the data that interests you, open the chat from the main interface of the app and paste it. Of course, they remain private, that is, only you can see them.

Priority chats

Pin contacts on Telegram
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Telegram allows you to anchor chats with the intention of making it easier to communicate with your favorites. In the main interface, click on the name of the contact until a series of icons appears at the top; To anchor it, that is, to place it at the beginning, click on the one that represents a pin.

Video playback

Video playback on Telegram
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Did you know that you can speed up or slow down the playback of a video? Press twice quickly on the right side of the playback window to advance 10 seconds, once it is running, or a couple of times on the left side with the idea of ​​moving back the same time.

Pinch the image

Enlarge an image in Telegram
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If they send you a photo and you want to appreciate even the smallest detail of it, what you have to do is pinch the image. Thus, it is expanded so that you can better observe the areas that interest you.

Chats background

How to change the background in Telegram
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Change the background of the chats to give them a different touch! Click on the three stripes in the upper left corner on the main interface; click on Settings. In the new options select Chats; choose Change chat background. Later, choose the image that you like the most and define if you want it to blur or have movement if that is the case. If you like the final look, opt for Set background.

Swipe gesture action

Cheats for Telegram
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It is also possible to determine what action you want to be carried out with the gesture of swiping left in the conversation list. In Chats, within Settings, search Chat list swipe gesture; choose one of the following options: archive, read, mute, delete, or pin.

Dark way

Dark mode in Telegram
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If you are from the group that loves dark mode, Telegram lets it activate with just a couple of movements. Click on the three stripes in the upper left corner and then click on the crescent icon. You will notice how the entire interface changes, including the background of each of the chats.

Photos and videos in original quality

Photos in original quality on Telegram
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If you want to share an image or a video without losing its original quality, Telegram lets you send files without compression (up to 2 GB for each one). In the chat where you are going to share the content, click on the clip icon at the bottom, choose Archive and then click Gallery in the options that are displayed. What follows is to select the photos and videos that you would like to share (of course, without losing quality).

Without a trace

Delete messages on Telegram
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Surely it has happened to you that you have sent a message to the wrong contact, but don’t worry, you can delete it without leaving a trace. Press on the content until it is selected, press the recycle icon that appears at the top and check the option that indicates that the message will also be deleted for the person who received it. Ready !, nothing happened.

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