The best sports watches you can buy in 2021

There is no time like the present, and there is no better excuse to improve health and fitness than to release one of the best sports watches currently available. Which do you like?

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Most sports watches tend to integrate a GPS receiver that allows you to accurately measure the distance traveled or the altimetry. If they do not have them incorporated, they are compatible with heart rate, cadence and speed sensors, among others, which increase the available data. Others use an accelerometer to make estimates of these metrics based on the movement of your body, the type of activity and the time of duration, among other variables.

Although most sports watches and modern smartwatches offer similar features – like pairing with the phone and receiving notifications – there are some key differences. The ones geared towards physical activity are generally more resistant and have a higher performance battery, but the smart ones have a more attractive design and even allow you to completely dispense with the phone.

The best sports watches of 2021

Garmin Fenix 6S Pro

The Garmin Fenix ​​6S Pro is equipped with a pulse oximeter and heart rate estimation. It has the PacePro training function, which guides physical activities according to level and VO2 max (maximum rate of oxygen consumption). With a 1.2-inch screen that can be read in bright sunlight, the watch makes it easy to navigate with preloaded maps and compatibility with satellite navigation systems, 3-axis compass sensors, gyroscope and altimetry. Its battery lasts up to 9 days as a smart watch and up to 34 days in battery saving mode. It is compatible with the Garmin Pay contactless payment system.

Screen: 1.2 inches (240 x 240 pixels)
Dimensions: 42 x 42 x 13.8 mm
Weight: 61 grams (with strap)
: integrated
Battery: 9 days in smart watch mode. 25 hours in training mode and 34 days with energy saving.
: 10 ATM

Polar Ignite 2 (2021)

Polar Ignite 2

The Polar Ignite 2 offers data on heart rate, sleep, training tips, last training session and progress. It allows you to monitor outdoor activities such as running, walking, cycling, and swimming, as well as indoor sports. Unlike other sports watches from the Finnish company, the second generation of lgnite has a slim and light design; and a 240 x 204 pixel IPS TFT touch screen that allows you to control all the menus. According to Polar, the watch lasts for up to 5 days with continuous heart rate tracking turned on and up to 17 hours in GPS training mode.

Screen: 1.7 pulgadas (204 x 204) , Dragontrail Glass Lens.
Dimensions: 43 x 43 x 8.5 mm
Weight: 35 grams (with strap)
: integrated
Battery: 5 days in smart watch mode. 20 hours in training mode and 100 hours with energy saving.
Waterproof: 30 meters

Fitbit Sense (2020)

Fitbit Sense

Described as the company’s “most advanced” sports and fitness watch, the Fitbit Sense was the first to feature an electrodermal activity sensor (EDA). The EDA calculates how the body responds to stressful situations, based on heart rate, sleep, and activity data. In addition, it includes an electrocardiogram (ECG) application to evaluate the heart rhythm. With a built-in GPS and compatibility with the Google Assistant and Alexa, the watch records activities such as walking, jogging or swimming. However, it lacks more advanced metrics such as running cadence.

Screen: 1.2 inches (336 x 336 pixels)
40.48 x 40.48 x 12.35 mm
Weight: 48.2 grams (with strap)
: integrated
Battery: 6 days in smart watch mode.
Waterproof: 50 meters

Suunto 9

Suunto 9

With a built-in GPS, Suunto 9 is capable of running up to 120 hours in power saving mode. It measures time, distance, pace, calories burned from activities, among other metrics, for activities such as running, cycling, and swimming. In addition, it comes with a heart rate monitor, which tracks not only the average but also the PTE (maximum training effect) and EPOC (amount of extra oxygen you need to recover). Although its interface can be complicated for some users, it is one of the best on the market.

Screen: 1.4 inches (320 x 300 pixels)
50 x 50 x 16.5 mm
Weight: 72 grams (with strap)
: integrated
Battery: Between 25 and 170 hours in GPS tracking. Up to 14 days in watch mode.
Waterproof: 100 meters

Garmin Forerunner 945 (2019)

Garmin Forerunner 945
Kelly Hodgkins/Digital Trends

For the more experienced athletes, the Garmin Forerunner 945 is a smartwatch with advanced features, such as color maps, local route recommendations, menstrual tracking, playlist synchronization, smart notifications, and location sending to emergency contacts. Although it was introduced in 2019, it is the most powerful of the Garmin Forerunner family.

Screen: 1.2 inches (240 x 240 pixels)
47 x 47 x 13.7 mm
Weight: 50 grams
: integrated
Battery: Up to 2 weeks in watch mode. Up to 36 hours in GPS mode.
Waterproof: 5 ATM

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