The Best Pastry Chef: How to make the Étreinte de Mercotte cake?

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The Hot Week of the Best Pastry Chef is back to unleash passions. On the menu: naughty challenges and more sensual creations than ever.
Mercotte thus reserved an arduous test for the apprentice seducers: the realization of an Embrace, an alluring cake representing an embracing couple. This pastry consists of an exhilarating puff pastry, a voluptuous whipped ganache, and an ardent strawberry-ginger compote. The whole will be topped with two crunchy white chocolate and milk chocolate plates.
But, more scoundrel than ever, Mercotte forgot to tell the candidates that four of them will have to make the first half of the cake, while the other four will prepare the second. It is only in the middle of the test, that they will be reunited in pairs to assemble the two lovers and form the embrace. An additional constraint which may well panic the candidates.

Which duo will manage to titillate the taste buds of the jury? Answer tonight in the Best Pastry Chef.

The recipe for Mercotte’s Embrace


  • rolling pin
  • boss in the shape of a woman and a man
  • cutter
  • zest grater
  • pastry bag
  • Saint-Honoré socket
  • thermo-probe
  • 2 sheets of guitar paper

Vanilla whipped ganache

  • 4 g gelatin (= 2 gelatin sheets)
  • 140 g of Ivory white chocolate or Opalys Valrhona
  • 1 vanilla pod
  • 140 g + 480 g whipping cream 35% Fat

Prepare the day before.

Rehydrate the gelatin in plenty of cold water.
Melt the chocolate in a bain marie.
Split the vanilla bean in half. Scrape the inside with the tip of a knife to collect its seeds.
Heat 140 g of whipping cream with the seeds and the vanilla pod. Let it steep for a few minutes, then remove the vanilla pod.
Melt the gelatin in the hot cream. It must be completely dissolved.
Pour the melted chocolate over the cream in 3 batches. Mix between each addition.
Add the 480 g of cream, then mix vigorously. Use a hand blender to create an emulsion.
Film with cling film directly in contact with the ganache.
Let stand in the fridge overnight.

The minute puff pastry

  • 200 g flour
  • 240 g diced butter
  • 20g sugar
  • 5 g of salt
  • 90 g of water
  • icing sugar

The same day.

Mix the flour, butter, sugar and salt in the bowl of a food processor, fitted with a hook.
When the mixture is coarsely shortbread, add the water in a trickle until you obtain a ball of dough.
Roll it out into a 15cm square. Film and refrigerate for 30 min.
Flour the work surface. Roll out the dough into a 60cm x 15cm rectangle.
Fold the top third of the dough towards the center, then cover it by folding the bottom third over. This is called giving a simple turn.
Turn the dough a quarter turn to the right. Roll out the dough again in a rectangle and repeat the operation (with the folding) 4 times to obtain 5 simple turns.
Roll out the dough finely. Place it on a baking sheet, then film it. Let it sit in the freezer for a few minutes.
Take the dough out of the freezer, cut it out using the cutter, according to the shape of your pattern.
Prick it with a fork.
Bake the dough for 20 minutes at 180 ° C.
Once cooked, take it out of the oven, then sprinkle with icing sugar. Return the puff pastry to bake for 5 minutes at 200 ° C.

Strawberry-ginger compote

  • 100 g of strawberry puree
  • 1 fresh ginger root
  • 10g sugar
  • 2 g of pectin NH

Heat the strawberry puree in a saucepan.
Peel the ginger root. Grate a little with the zest grater. Add the ginger to the strawberry puree.
Mix the sugar and the pectin.
When the puree has reached 40 ° C, add the sugar to the pectin, whisking vigorously.
Bring the mash to a boil, let boil 1 min. Remove from the heat.
Film the puree in contact with cling film. Reserve in the fridge.

The chocolate decor

  • 300 g of Ivory white chocolate or Opalys Valrhona
  • 300 g of Jivara milk chocolate

In a bowl, melt 3/4 of the white chocolate in a bain-marie, until reaching 40 ° C.
Chop the remaining quarter of white chocolate. Add it to the melted chocolate. Mix, then let everything come down to 29 ° C.
Return the chocolate to heat in a bain-marie until it reaches 31 ° C.
Lay it out on a sheet of guitar paper. Cut out the shape of the male pattern, using the cutter, and let harden.
Repeat the entire operation with the milk chocolate. Cut out the shape of the female boss this time.


Cut the strawberries into brunoise. Add them to the cold strawberry compote.
Take the ganache out of the fridge, beat it with a mixer. Transfer it to a pastry bag fitted with a Saint-Honoré nozzle.
Poach your ganache on the cooked puff pastry.
Distribute the strawberry-ginger compote in the center.
Gently place the chocolate decoration on the ganache, to finish the cake.

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