the Benjamin Gates series without Nicolas Cage expands its cast

The Disney + series National Treasure, without Nicolas Cage, swells its ranks, and describes a little the role of each of the new faces.

The diptych National Treasure (title Benjamin Gates in French) experienced its greatest crossing of the desert in the 2010s, without any opportunity for renewal. But since March 2021, the return of the bastard son of Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones series has been announced, and not in the form that Nicolas Cage fans might have hoped for.

Indeed, the actor and his character Benjamin Gates will no longer be part of the game, and will leave a young American-Latin woman as a replacement. Nevertheless, National Treasure being the story of a small team and not just an adventurer, one could legitimately wonder who would accompany our new protagonist. And that’s good, the new range of actors who will accompany our heroine has been revealed.

The new youngest

We therefore knew that Lisette Alexis (Total Eclipse) would take the lead role of Jess, a 20-year-old passionate about treasures and puzzles investigating her family’s hidden history, all while hunting for treasure in Panama. We can also count on the presence of the famous Jerry Bruckheimer (who was a pillar of sagas like Pirates of the Caribbean, Bad Boys, Top Gun) as executive producer of the series – a role he already had on the previous ones Benjamin Gates.

Most Deadline reported that the show’s cast has grown with Lyndon Smith (Lucifer, NCIS), Zuri Reed (Flatbush Misdemeanors), Jake Austin Walker (Stargirl, Fear the Walking Dead), Antonio Cipriano (The Sex Lives of College Girls) and Jordan Rodrigues (Lady Bird, Light as Feather). In short, a shaker of young stars quietly rising in American television of small / medium budget.

Benjamin Gates and the Book of Secrets: photo, Helen Mirren, Diane Kruger, Nicolas Cage“So it’s definitely over for me?”

We even know a little about the roles of each. Lyndon Smith will play “Agent Ross”, a drifting FBI member, who sees a chance for redemption in Jess’s adventures. Zuri Reed will play Tasha, Jess’s best friend, very geeky and worn on social networks, who will be transformed by the treasure hunt. Jake Austin Walker will play Liam, a musician who honors the memory of his late treasure hunter father through his musical skill (a bard, basically).

Antonio Cipriano will play Owen, a young man obsessed with conspiracy theories, too sure of himself and who is in love with Tasha. And Jordan Rodrigues will be Ethan, another young man, but shy and follower, who has been in love with Jess since their childhood. It’s a lot of people, but the serial format should allow all these characters to be developed as it should (as long as it gives itself the means).

Benjamin Gates and the Templar treasure: photo, Nicolas Cage, Diane KrugerIt was still easier, before

The status of this series is still unclear: spin-off in the same universe as Benjamin Gates or reboot replacing the existence of the latter? Collider speaks of “reboot”, while Deadline talks about “expanding the universe, and descriptions vary from one medium to another. We will surely have to wait for the first declarations of the production to be clear about it.

And now that things seem to be moving at a good pace, more information should fall during the year 2022. If no date has been given, we can expect a broadcast in 2023 on Disney + (enough time for fans of the actor to campaign for a cameo by Nicolas Cage, if it is not already on the studio program).

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