The "Bebeshita" she serenades Aristaeus and he rejects her

MEXICO.- Through his social networks, Alexis revealed that he was outside Aristeo’s house to serenade him with mariachis; however, the surprise it didn’t go as she expected and ended up feeling humiliated.

In the clip, you can see that the presenter had help from Mati Álvarez so that this great moment came out perfectly; Nevertheless, Aristaeus broke her heart to the also singer, since she did not agree to kiss her in front of the mariachis.

And it is that everything was going well, because they were outside the driver’s apartment, while the mariachi was playing. However, “Babyshita” tried to kiss him to Aristeo and it was there when he confessed that he could not kiss her, since he was dating someone.

“We are going to enjoy this beautiful serenade. Here I have the security (a microphone that I had in my hand), there it is. I’m dating someone and I can’t kiss anyone,” Aristeo commented.

After this revelation, the driver stopped everything and tears came to her eyes: “Now, now, now I just got hit I pay them and I’m leaving. I’m going to cry, “he mentioned.

It should be noted that the video cuts off abruptly and it is only seen that the driver leaves disconsolately.

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