The Beatles song that inspired Camilo Sesto’s career

First of all, it is worth highlighting the enormous popularity that the London band always had “The Beatles”. It is incalculable in all aspects and there is no doubt about that. They were able to install their music in all corners of the earth, with a style that was pure innovation and that had not been heard until that moment. In that revolution, they impacted on the life of Camilo Sesto.

As was known, in its early days it was difficult for them to reach the ears of their closest public, although in a matter of months they managed to be an unexpected trend around the world. It’s easy to remember what they meant The Beatles, especially because they marked a before and after in the history of universal music.

Probably to understand it better it is important to first know the history that linked them in a curious way with the legendary Camilo Sesto. He could perfectly have been the Spanish “beatle” because he managed a similar level of popularity in his country, breaking all paradigms.

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The Beatles song that inspired Camilo Sesto

In general, the discovery of a passion or vocation occurs either by accident or because someone instills certain values. In the case of Camilo, it happened more because of the first option and that is how inspiration arises in The Beatles.

It was precisely in 1962 that Camilo received an album with the recording of “Love me do”. The song that finally put an end to all his doubts and the one that made him trust and be inspired more than ever that his destiny was clear where he would go.

It should be noted that for Camilo Sesto, “The Beatles” represented an authentic inspiration in all its spectra. Few things were as attractive to the singer as the idea of ​​listening to a single by the band on the radio.

As he was very clear that that feeling he had was also everyone’s, he did not hesitate for a second to incorporate several songs into his repertoire, constituting the songbook of his favorite band.

With all those songs, it is worth remembering that Camilo performed at different events and that is how he managed to gain his first important steps in the world of music.

Did you imagine that “Love me do“Had been the song from The Beatles that inspired Camilo Sesto?


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