The Banco de Corrientes and the Provincial Government promote the installation of an ecological brick factory Pets

The Banco de Corrientes, together with the Provincial Government, through the Ministry of Social Development and INVICO, are advancing in environmental and support policies for small producers, promoting economic development to create a more sustainable city. That is why this long-awaited heading by brick-making families manages to take a big step in contributing to and improving care for the environment by enhancing the work of this sector of civil society.

The president of the Banco de Corrientes, Alejandro Abraham; the inspector of the Housing Institute (INVICO) Julio Veglia; the Minister of Social Development of the Province, Adan Gaya; Senator Diógenes González and the president of the “Ángel Blanco” Association, Daniela Acuña. In addition, the Branch Manager, Gustavo Montenegro; the General Manager, Gustavo Macoratti and the Trustees of Banco Rosa Pasetto, Bernardo Rodríguez and Luis Miguel Gutnisky.

Regarding the signing of this important loan agreement, the president of the Abraham bank explained “It was a couple of years of work since the land was undivided and it was necessary to negotiate with the other owner, but the effort paid off and today we are giving Corrientes is a place for a long-awaited ecological brick collection and manufacturing plant “.

“From the Bank we want to give impetus to ecological policies, our one of which is our new greenbuilding building with certifications in LEED Standards and the ecological responsibility policies that we develop in the Institution,” he remarked.

As established in the agreement, the Banco de Corrientes gives up a portion of 50 meters wide by 50 meters deep on Madrid Street in Lot A in the Apipe neighborhood of the City of Corrientes. The property is intended exclusively for the construction, installation and operation of a place for collecting, recycling and manufacturing ecological bricks. Pets Recycling Plant Project.

In this way, the Bank becomes a key support element for the growth of entrepreneurs and strengthens the project “From mud and firewood to the PET recycling park” implemented by the “Ángel Blanco” Association.

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