The baby of the famous album cover files again against the group

Spencer Elden is the baby of the famous album cover Nevermind of the group Nirvana, and he filed a lawsuit against the group and others several months ago. And today, Spencer Elden Retriever.

The first complaint that had been filed

The pocket of Nevermind is extremely popular, and as you know this latest watch a naked baby swimming underwater towards a dollar bill, which is hanging on a fishing rod. This baby is named Spencer Elden, and he filed a complaint in August 2021 against Nirvana for child pornography, 30 after the album was released.

Spencer Elden.

The lawsuit, which had been filed in Federal Court in Los Angeles, was against the Nirvana group, several record companies, artistic directors, photographer Kirk Weddle as well as the estate of Kurt Cobain, the singer. The 17 accused were accused of having violated several federal laws relating to child pornography, and for causing “a life of suffering“by spreading its image around the world.

Defense lawyers then argued, from then on, that “Elden had spent three decades enjoying her fame as a self-proclaimed “baby Nirvana”. The lawyers even said:

He took the photo again in exchange of remunerations on numerous occasions ; he did himself tattoo album title Nevermind on the chest (…) he autographed copies of the album cover to sell them on eBay and he used this link to try to pick up women.

spencer elden réitère

The Los Angeles Judge who had this case in his hands finally closed the case on January 3 because Spencer Elden had not responded to the arguments raised by Nirvana’s lawyers in the allotted time. The judge in question however allowed Spencer Elden to file a new complaint within ten days.

So we learn that the complainant reiterated by filing a new complaint against the 17 accused, and hopes, this time, to obtain success, and the 150,000 dollars of damages he claims. However, for this, he will have to follow the procedures in due time, this time.

And if you want to know the exact verdict delivered by the judge of the case, you can consult our previous article on the subject.

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