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After sunset the visual impact is majestic: 30 illuminated silos by the sea that cut out the horizon between a boat dock and the lights of the commercial center of the port. A tourist-cultural platform where the local producers initiative has put the sector in value again. And that days ago it was intervened by the artist Alfredo Segatori, author of famous murals in different spaces in Argentina and abroad.

The first two nights (January 1 and 8) confirm everything. The arrival of Bresh party to the imposing stage with an enviable audience, makes it clear that Silos Arena will be a symbol of the historical evolution of dance culture this season, with eclectic proposals and a liberal modality that has been repeated for some time now.

It is 2 in the morning on Sunday, January 9, and a crowd, between 18 and 40 years old, is lining up to enter the show (after checking the sanitary pass) where the DJs from Bresh they turn the concept of “Hitazo after Hitazo in front of the sea” into a real fantasy. A multi-colored show, moving wherever you look at it, with the premise of “having a good time first and foremost”.

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A group of Rosario friends, somewhat removed from the euphoria of the central dance floor near the stage, buy drinks in bars and to eat they choose the option of some of the Food Trucks that act as a “perimeter fence” on the back of the premises. All this process carried out by means of the peculiar Sistema Cashless where they can load all the money they want on cards to spend on the spot.

The night is still warm, after 4:30 in the morning. The sets that DJs shoot from their trays Bresh they anticipate that something strong is to come. The most danceable hits will be the dawn support band that will arrive in minutes to perplex the majority of the audience: Silos Arena’s most significant moment is almost a fact.

It is not a monopoly of DJs who carry out the musical prominence of the January billboard. From this kind of celebration to entertainment meters from the sea, in one of the most historic places in Mar del Plata, Chano, Don Osvaldo, La Beriso and La Orquesta Delio Valdéz, among others, will witness.

Silos Arena, located on Avenida Juan B. Justo and the coast (in front of the block of the circuses) is imposed this summer. A property that many considered forgotten in the port of the city today is a reference point in the summer nights of Mar del Plata. Music and culture transform everything, always for the better. The art revolution has arrived.

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