The arrival of migrants to Acuña continues, it is estimated that three thousand people have crossed

Hundreds of migrants from different countries continue to arrive daily in Ciudad Acuña in buses of foreign passengers, who cross the Rio Grande directly to reach the United States and request refuge; These are people from Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

Most of the migrant population in transit come from the Caribbean country of Haiti. It is about men, women, children and babies; who have crossed into the United States and remain both on the banks of the Rio Grande and under the International Bridge that connects Ciudad Acuña with Del Río in Texas, waiting to process their refugee application.

The same migrants estimate that there are around three thousand people who have crossed and remain on the American side, waiting for the North American authorities to start their refugee application process; so they remain both under the Ciudad Acuña-Del Río International Bridge and up to the place known as La Cortina.

However, during this week a very particular situation has been registered, since the dam that is located on the Rio Grande in the vicinity of the gully of the Municipal Water and Sanitation System of Ciudad Acuña and that gives its name to the area known as La Cortina has become a commercial corridor or corridor between the United States and Mexico.

The above, due to the fact that the migrants who are already in Del Río in Texas, return to Mexico to acquire food and continue their stay in the neighboring country; They argue that they are not being provided with food; For this reason, La Cortina is used both for migrants who arrive and cross into the United States and for those who return to buy drinks and food.

Currently, in the downtown area of ​​Ciudad Acuña, the migrant population can be seen walking through its streets, since after getting off the foreign passenger trucks at the bus station; they move to La Cortina and some to the Braulio Fernández Aguirre Park. Most go straight to La Cortina.

Some with suitcases or bags in hand, with their babies in their arms, descend directly to the Rio Grande and without waiting any longer, begin to walk through the dam towards the United States.

It is worth mentioning that the migrant population seeking refuge, upon reaching the US territory, the authorities grant them a number to be cared for; dividing them into groups: complete families, single by gender, that is, men and women and by partial families; that is to say, they travel as part of a family.

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