The Argentine who murdered his son was found dead in a hotel in Barcelona

According to Spanish media, the body of the Argentine was found in a wooded area between Barcelona and El Prat de Lobregat, where is the airport.

Police sources in that city confirmed the El Mundo portal that the man hung himself from the tree to end his life the same night he murdered his little son.

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The economist had been wanted since August 24 when the body of his three-year-old son was found in a hotel room in the Montjuic area.

According to forensic examinations, the child died of mechanical asphyxia and the mother herself was the one who notified the police that she had received threatening messages from the father of her child.

From the beginning, the Mossos considered the father the main suspect in a case of Vicarious violence, that type of gender violence in which the murderer ends the life of a common child to harm his partner. The suspect was separating from the mother and sent her messages advising her that “He would regret it.”

After committing the crime, the alleged murderer escaped through the hotel pool jumping a wall as it was seen in the security cameras of the establishment.

From the beginning, the investigators highlighted that the filicide had prepared the crime and worked with the main hypothesis that Alvarez Giaccio had planned to kill his two-year-old son and then flee. “I had it well thought out,” police sources explained to El Mundo after the first hours of investigation.

“I’ll leave you at the hotel what you deserve”, were the words that the Argentine wrote to his former partner and when the woman arrived at the establishment, shortly after 11 p.m., the police found the body of her son under the bed in room 704.

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