The APTS will present its agreement in principle to its members on Friday

(Quebec) After recently resuming its discussions with Quebec, the APTS will present an agreement in principle to its delegation during a general council on Friday.

The Alliance of Professional and Technical Personnel in Health and Social Services (APTS) said on Thursday it considered having “reached the end of the negotiation process” which has stretched over nearly two years.

“We went to the maximum to improve the working conditions of our 60,000 members. The solidarity and mobilization of the members of the APTS will have enabled our negotiating team to obtain several concrete gains to improve their working conditions, ”said APTS President Robert Comeau in a press release.

The APTS is the only trade union organization in the health sector to have still not renewed its collective agreement for 2020-2023.

The terms of the proposed agreement in principle will be presented to the APTS delegation in the general council on Friday.

The body will then determine whether it ratifies the agreement in principle and whether it will be voted on by the members at special general meetings.

The gains mentioned by the union include new bonuses in the mental health and youth protection sector.

Work has also been undertaken, “and will continue, in order to resolve the issues related to the workload of professional and technical personnel in health and social services,” said the organization.

The APTS said “not to come out of this exercise entirely satisfied”, sectors struggling with problems of attracting and retaining labor having been “ignored” by the government.

While this agreement in principle “announces the end of negotiations”, the APTS has said it is looking to the next one by starting the work essential to the consultation of its members.

The APTS represents 60,000 members in various health establishments and youth centers. Its members are psychologists, social workers, medical archivists, occupational therapists, medical imaging technologists, for example.

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