The Ancients: Succession depends on a political agreement to support Bellomo as a candidate

How it advanced South Time, the death of the mayor of The Ancients, Guillermo MercadoBefore having completed two years of mandate, it will imply the call for elections in no less than 90 days.

This is stipulated in Article 34 of Law 55 (Organic Law of Municipalities): “In cases of vacancy of the Mayor and with less than two (2) years to complete his term, it will be completed by his replacement; otherwise, the people will be summoned to extraordinary elections within ninety (90) days of the vacancy ”.

The small region will have to resolve the continuity of the Executive in the midst, not only of the daily management obligations, but also after the economic reactivation that they need due to the pandemic that complicated the large income left by tourism.

Julio Bellomo, president of the deliberative Council and successor until the voting, would be the “natural” replacement, although the support he receives in his candidacy will depend on the consensus he achieves with the other forces that make up the Frente de Todos.

The legislative body is completed with Marina Benítez, Tomás Myburg, who with Bellomo, were the three councilors who accompanied Mercado in the sublema “Todos por Los Antiguos” in the 2019 elections. The rest, with Adrián Gutiérrez, of the “Unidos” sublema for Santa Cruz “(space of Javier Belloni) he integrated the list of 1st Councilor of Oscar” Charo “Sandoval, former candidate for mayor who was communal chief for five terms; and William Ormeño, from the party and sublema “Primero Santa Cruz”.

On Friday there will be a meeting between the five councilors for the call for elections, but also if there will be any political agreement.

“We are talking with the current president of the Council (Bellomo), today at the head, who was very close to Mercado to reach an agreement and if it is not achieved, the game will be opened with the rest of the sectors for another candidate to Intendant, “Gutiérrez told South Time. The mayor was also very close to Mercado, in fact they had been serving together since the late 1980s and became friends.

He indicated that different sectors analyze that Bellomo continue the two remaining years, that is, the only candidate and in 2023 he will compete for the mayor’s office.

The best

“For my part, I think that would be the best, which was how it was done in Perito Moreno where there was an agreement,” he exemplified.

The UCR – he maintained – has not yet made a statement on the matter, although it indicated that the president of the HCD “will call all sectors.”

Everything that has to do with an agreement, Gutiérrez consults with Sandoval. “He is someone who should not be left aside, he was in front of the Municipality many years, and one must cling to those people, which is what is lacking in politics to continue on the right path, because they created the festival and Oscar is from that time and we must not forget his vision of the future he has, “he said. .

The Cherry Festival is one of the challenges ahead that the municipal executive will have. “Many things were totally up in the air and hanging, and they must be faced, as if the party will be held for seven days -as Mercado wanted- or it will be shortened,” he said.

Gutiérrez did not stop highlighting the friendship he had with Mercado. “I have a very great friendship with Guillermo. I still or fall. We went on vacation together, he was a witness of my marriage and we had smoothed out rough edges on issues of politics that one has and in which friendship should not be mixed,” he said. , and remarked: “Hopefully the agreement is reached and allows Bellomo to finish what remains of the administration and then hold the elections and the one with the most votes will win.”

Gutiérrez began to military in Peronism in 1987 and they formed the “group of four” in the Peronist Youth since 1995, with Mercado, Bellomo and Sebastián Gatti, who like Bellomo was a deputy.

If there is no agreement

Sandoval stressed the need for a “programmatic agreement”, but stressed that Bellomo must summon everyone.

“It is very likely that he supports (Bellomo) because people here are seeing what I am going to do,” he mentioned.

Just over a month ago Mercado had approached Sandoval. “He came a lot to talk to me to coordinate things and change others. And the change in the town was noticeable, which generated expectations in the community.”

Before the death of the Mayor, Sandoval was going to have another contact. That is why he indicated that “if Bellomo continues that, it is very likely that he will support him, if not, no, because the people have suffered a lot and Guillermo’s death paralyzed us all.”

The meetings with Mercado were “consultative.” “There were things that were overcoming it. When things go wrong, the Mayor pays for them,” he explained.

He even highlighted that Mercado contacted Mayor Pablo Grasso, who advised him to consult him.

“There was a change in management, which had begun to take a turn, with housing and works that had to be done, but unfortunately this happened, and if Bellomo continues that, we will support it,” he remarked.

Sandoval ruled out being a candidate if there is no political agreement.

“If there is no agreement, we are going to put together something else, because the important thing would be together with all the sectors and put together another candidate with a profile of these characteristics, but there is a 99% chance that I am not a candidate,” he clarified.

The objective would be a “kind of concertation”. Ahead “there is a lot to lift because we lost a lot due to the pandemic, with tourism and public works because Los Antiguos made a 180-degree turn and it has to be accommodated little by little.”

Sandoval awaits the call from Bellomo.

According to Sandoval, Grasso advised Mercado to meet with him.

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