The ambulance door was opened and the stretcher with a patient began to roll down the street

A stretcher with a patient in the middle of the street. That is what many witnesses saw this Wednesday in the city of Bariloche. What happened is that the back door of the ambulance that was transporting him was opened. Those responsible for the vehicle realized it after having traveled half a block, and the incident was recorded by video surveillance cameras.

The ambulance was circulating through Onelli and Sobral streets in the city of Rio Negro and “when turning towards Elordi”, according to one of the several passers-by who saw the sequence, the stretcher was thrown from the vehicle and began to roll on the asphalt.

“In the back, only the patient was on the stretcher and the lady. They fell on a stretcher and everything into the street, “said Nicolás, one of the witnesses, to a local radio station.

“They acted fast. The nurses immediately loaded him up and left. There were a lot of people around, ”the same man continued. “When the patient fell, they (the ambulances) didn’t realize it. They made more than half a block and there they did, because of the large number of people who gathered. In addition, a man stopped his car in the middle of the street and ran off. The stretcher was literally going to slam into another car, ”the witness completed the saga.

The nurses backed up and quickly loaded the stretcher with the patient into the vehicle.

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