The Academy defeated the leader of the Sixth Division

Because of how the tournament had started, with a run of four wins, Chaco Sports he was not thinking of defeat. Much less early in this contest.

It was The academy the one that gave the Tricolor a reality check. The Albiceleste defeated him by a clear 4 to 0. This was much higher throughout the entire match and was also able to transfer that difference to the scoreboard. The scorers in the winner were Leandro Ponce, he scored twice, Miguel Quintulipe and Facundo Rodríguez. After an uneven start, marked by some victories and other defeats, La Academia seems to have found its way. He has, with the latter, two games without losing and is already among those at the top. To fight Chaco himself, Panteras FC and ABC as equals. These, his rivals now in the fight for the title.

The Chaco thing was good until the day before. Now, the Tricolor was very far from being the one that thrashed San Antonio (15-0), on the first date; to “Indio” Nicolai (9-0), in the second; Caracas FC (7-2), in the third and Atlético Belgrano (19-0), in the fourth. Chaco had a bad game and nothing more. His rival was superior, period. Now, the Tricolor will have to shuffle and give again, hoping to receive a good hand again to give the foul raise and the want is worth four.

The one who also won on this fifth date was Don Bosco. El Patrono defeated “Indio” Nicolai 3 to 0. Santiago Guidetti, Santiago Herrera and Mateo Mazziotti scored the goals for Naranja.

Finally, ABC beat Olimpia by 2 to 0. Albiverde’s triumph led to the signing of Tobías García, author of his team’s two goals.

According to what happened, the positions in the Sixth Division Tournament are as follows:

1º Deportivo Chaco 12 pts. (5)

2nd Panteras FC 12 pts. (4)

3º ABC 9 pts. (4)

4th The Academy 9 pts. (5)

5th Don Bosco 9 pts. (4)

6º Olimpia 6 pts. (4)

7th San Antonio 6 pts. (5)

8th Caracas FC 4 pts. (4)

9º “Indio” Nicolai 4 pts. (4)

10º Petrolero Austral 0 pts. (5)

11th Atl. Belgrano 0 pts. (4)

Those who also played this last weekend were the Fourth teams. The date started with the great victory of Deportivo Cristal over Atlético Belgrano. It was 3 to 1.

Another that added three points, and important on this day, was Deportivo Chaco. Those led by Luis Agüero defeated O’Higgins 6 to 1.

The exclusive duel that this fourth date had was the one between Don Bosco and Olympia. Both came to this day sharing the leadership of the contest. El Albo now took advantage over the Patron. It was after beating him 2 to 0.

Martín Güemes took advantage of the bad start of the Espartanos tournament, which he sank a little more. He did it by winning 4-0.

At the close of this edition the last two games of the Fourth date were being played. Junín faced Mataderos and La Academia played with Fieritas. Everything, and always, on the Enrique Pino court.

Among the greatest of the quarry of the Independent Football League of the Neighborhoods, things are like this:

1º Olimpia 10 pts. (4)

2nd Don Bosco 7 pts. (4)

3rd Dep. Palermo 7 pts. (4)

4º Dep. Junín 6 pts. (2)

5th Slaughterhouses 6 pts. (2)

6th The Academy 6 pts. (3)

7º Martín Güemes 6 pts. (4)

8º Dep. Cristal 6 pts. (4)

9º Dep. Juniors 4 pts. (3)

10º Fieritas FC 3 pts. (3)

11th Atlético Belgrano 1 pt. (3)

12th Spartans 1 pt. (4)

13º O’Higgins 0 pts. (4)

The continuity of the game for the boys is still unknown when it will be. In the next few hours there will be news about this.

Those who are also preparing to enter the field are the First teams. Although these will do it, officially, for the first time this semester of the year. It will be soon.

The leaders of the AIFB are also preparing for these days.

Is that tomorrow, at 18:00 at the headquarters of the Belgrano neighborhood, the Extraordinary General Assembly will be held.

This act, rescheduled by the pandemic, in which it will seek to approve the reports and balances of the last periods.

Also, on Wednesday there will be elections. All in person and with the protocols of these times. It will be on Thursday that the results of these elections are known. Almost simultaneously, the elected leaders will be assuming their functions. (Source: What a Golazo)

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