The 84th pilgrimage to the Hermitage summoned faithful from all over the region

After almost two years of inactivity due to the pandemic, between Saturday and today the 84th archdiocesan regional pilgrimage to the Mariano Shrine of the Hermitage of Luján de las Sierras, in Saavedra, is taking place.

The main activities were carried out yesterday, with the greatest arrival of pilgrims on foot, by vehicle and even on horseback from different parts of the region. The mass was led by the Archbishop of Bahía Blanca, Carlos Alfonso Azpiroz Costa, who thanked the power, “after having lived such a hard time where we could not approach for the pilgrimage”, to be able to resume the celebration.

“Now we have revenge, because we do three days, when before it was only one,” he said.

In that sense, he stressed that the idea is to repeat the three-day training session next year: Saturday, Sunday and the Monday holiday, corresponding to October 12.

“Maria always waits for us. His heart is big to receive everything we have, sometimes with joy to give thanks and others with difficult moments that need a special Grace from God to be able to comfort us. Mary gives us the signs of God’s goodness and mercy, “he said.

Throughout the weekend there was the participation of faithful from Saavedra, Pigüé, Coronel Suárez, Punta Alta, San Luis, Huanguelén, Guaminí, Carhué, Sierra de la Ventana, Darregueira, Puan, Tornquist, Espartillar, Bahía Blanca, Santa Rosa, Guatraché, San Martín, Mendoza and Neuquén.

“We come to visit our Mother and here we are all the same. The Mother of one does not make a distinction if someone did well and another did badly; only if he is doing something wrong does he correct him,” he added.

Today, after the one celebrated in the morning, there will be a mass at 4:00 p.m. by Father Juan Francisco Palacio Micheletto, in charge of the San Luis Gonzaga parish in Bahía Blanca.

In addition, the santerías and canteens will be enabled, in charge of the Servidores de la Ermita group. Priests will also be available for confession. (Saavedra Agency).

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